God of War Behind the Lock Walkthrough

Our God of War Behind the Lock Walkthrough Guide will guide you through the entire Behind the Lock chapter of God of War in a step-by-step manner so that you can easily move on with the story.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibles, hidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides especially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions. You can visit our site and check out all other guides related to God of War posted there.

God of War Behind the Lock

Return to the Boat

You start off with having to return to your boat and escape Jarl’s Stronghold. In order to do that, you need to chisel the door using the circle button. Once you have gotten through the door, you will be able to move past the Runic Gate at the end of the tunnel.

You can find the three runic seals in the balcony above the canyon, to the right of the gate (blow the shattered crystal and then shoot it again to find a coffin with the symbol) and on the balcony of the tower that is visible when you are at the gate. You can also access Sindri’s shop if you lower the chain at the balcony here.

Once you have upgraded all of the gear that you needed to upgrade (probably a good idea to upgrade your Leviathan Axe), you can move past the Runic Gate and into Jarl’s Port.

The Port

Follow the corridor and keep on moving down the hall, collecting all of the things that you can find. You can find a realm tear here too if you use the shatter crystals in the Yggdrasil roots to break apart the red sap.

When you open the door at the end of the hallway, you will find yourself in a port. Here, you will have to use the exit that is at the far end of the port.

To reach the end of the port, head right from the start and boost Atreus up to the planks. After this, you will be able to throw your axe on the cables near the tramcar platform and Atreus will automatically use the tramcar.

Remember to throw your axe at the gearwheel to freeze it so that the car does not slide back down.

Get to the upper platform and have Atreus toss you a climbing chain. This will allow you to get onto the tramcar yourself. Now recall the axe and have the cargo down the platform.

You can find a chest when you get off of the car. After that, you will need to jump across the gap to the exit door, which requires a chisel to be opened.

Here, you will have the option to explore the Hidden Chamber of Odin. If you want to, then go in and find all of the loot that resides there.

Otherwise, get in the boat and go all the way through the statue to the Lake of Nine.

Mimir will continue to outline the path that you need to take throughout the journey.

Tyr’s Temple

Eventually, you will arrive at Tyr’s vault that you can now enter due to you having the chisel at your disposal. Continue to move inside of the vault until you are being taught about Runes by your son and are interrupted by Modi.

The scene will unfold automatically until you are prompted to enable your Rage Mode. Then watch in wonder as Kratos deals with Thor’s son. The chapter will end here.

That is all we have for our God of War Behind the Lock Walkthrough.

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