God of War: Ascension Decayed Chests Locations Guide – If it ain’t broke..

The Decayed chests are a type of special collectible found in God of War: Ascension. They are found in between chapters 13 and 19 and simply look like broken chests.

To reconstruct the decayed chests you need the Amulet of Uroborus which is acquired automatically in the beginning of chapter 13. Stand in front of the chests and press L2+Square to reconstruct them. Reconstructing all of the Decayed chests awards you the gold ‘If it ain’t broke..’ trophy.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot skip chapters if you want the trophy. You can use stage select to start off in chapter 13, but you need to play all the way to chapter 19 legitimately in order to unlock ‘If it ain’t broke…’.

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God of War: Ascension Decayed Chests Locations

Decayed Chest #1 – Chapter 13: Passage to Delphi
Location. When you reconstruct the bridge, you’ll see a cutscene of a wounded Oracle. Go across the bridge, but instead of turning right towards the Oracle go to the end of the path to the left. The chest is located at the end of the broken bridge.

Decayed Chest #2 – Chapter 14: The Cistern
Location. You can jump down from the aqueduct and go into the doorway opposite the big bull statue to find this one.

Decayed Chest #3 – Chapter 14: The Cistern
Location. Found in the same corridor as the last one, continue down the corridor and turn right when you can. Then turn left and you will see the chest.

Decayed Chest #4 – Chapter 14: The Cistern
Location. After reconstructing the last decayed chest exit the corridor and go outside to a fight. Instead of going left to repair the bridge you need to go to the far right. The chest is here.

Decayed Chest #5 – Chapter 14: The Cistern
Location. Again, right after the last chest, go left to the broken bridge but don’t repair it. Instead, drop down and go as far right as you can to find yet another chest in The Cistern.

Decayed Chest #6 – Chapter 16: Prison of the Damned
Location. In the Prison of the Damned you come across the corpse of the dead Titan Hecatonchires (you were the one who killed him in the beginning of the game). Shortly after, you will enter the prison area. Go right and you will run straight into the chest.

Decayed Chest #7 – Chapter 19: Foot of Apollo
Location. At the start of the chapter, Kratos will climb the foot. At the top of a ledge, the camera will pull back to reveal a precarious path continuing left. Instead of following the main path, go right to find a hard-to-spot chest.

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