God of War: Ascension Trial of Archimedes Guide – How To Complete

If you’ve got your hands on the new God of War: Ascension, and are more than just them ordinary gamers, then chances are you’ll be aching to have a go at the Trial of Archimedes.

The Trial of Archimedes is an arena-like challenge with three phases of battles towards the end of the game, and is easily the hardest part of the game, particularly on higher difficulties. Kratos must use his skills to destroy waves of nasty mythological enemies in an uninviting, claustrophobic environment.

What makes the Trial of Archimedes so terribly difficult is the absence of checkpoints between the rounds. The fact that the first round is the toughest is also a very frustrating thing; you might think that having the first round the hardest would be an edge, but that thought soon disappears once you go into the next rounds without a droplet of magic power or health.

We’ve managed to compile a few tips and tricks to help you get through this horror here. So, let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble!

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God of War: Ascension Trial of Archimedes

In order to start the trial at the beginning of Chapter 28, you’ll need to obtain the Eyes of Truth. You’ll need to run to the end of the large symmetrical room that you’re in, and open the door that reveals the statue of a big female warrior.

This will unlock the big container in the middle of the room, hence allowing you to steal the optical object there. Well, too bad for you it’s booby trapped. Prepare yourself!

Round #1
Well, you might’ve noticed that the platform you were standing in just went down a bit. Use the Eyes of Truth (L2 and Circle) to clear the oil-like matter at the front of the lift. Then press R1 to pull the wheel and begin the Trial of Archimedes.

The first round is the most difficult – it’ll pit you against a few Gorgons, soon followed by a set of squealing Sirens. The Gorgons here are your worst enemies, as they have ridiculous reach. Thankfully, at the start you’ll only have to face two of them. Use the Amulet of Uroborus  as frequently as possible to set up some sweet combos, and don’t forget to block their attacks.

When they try to turn you into to stone, make sure you roll out, because it’s instant bye-bye if you are petrified and then hit. Make sure you understand the instant when the Gorgons are about to attack – they will stop squirting blood out from their body (that sounds nastier than it should) just before attacking.

If you want use your magic, you might as well do so, but DO NOT waste it. Try to use as match as you will be able to retain from the QTE kills.

Once the two Gorgons are down, you’ll come across two more of them, accompanied by a couple of Sirens.  Make sure you use the Amulet of Uroborus and the Stone of Orkos, and this is where you will need to use a lot of magic. However, you have to ensure that the amount of magic you use is replenishable from the QTE kills.

Focus on the Gorgons first – make sure that you get them before you concentrate on the Sirens, as the ugly serpents have better range and higher probability to kill you off instantly. You also need to make sure that you are dodging those lightning marks on the ground while also concentrating your attacks on the Gorgons

Try to get a grab on them to turn the other Sirens to stone. This is actually a great way to take a few breaths before resuming your crazy slaying. Make sure you don’t miss any stunned enemy, so that you can get as many blue orbs as possible.

Once the Gorgons are down, the remaining Sirens are no problem. Just make sure that you block most of their attacks and take them out with nice QTE kills.

Round #2
Okay, so you just survived the hardest round of the trial. Good for you. But if you were reckless with your magic, then you can say goodbye to all that hard work. The next round has to be initiated in the same way; use the Eyes of Truth, and then turn the wheel.

This time around, you’ll end up stuck in a narrow corridor-ish pathway, and the first set of enemies you’ll face are a bunch of harpies and blue enemies with spears. Make sure you block as much as you can, and lash out at those annoying harpies to throw them out of the way.

You’ll want to use your magic attacks here frequently, but again you have to ensure that the amount you’re using can be retained by those QTE kills. The place is terribly narrow, so you have to be on your guard at all times. Make sure that you don’t get stuck between two enemies – either have them in front of you at all times or behind you at all times.

The blue guys give you green orbs as well when killed with QTEs, so make sure you jump on the opportunity whenever provided. Once you’ve killed the blues, an armored soldier will appear. The problem is not the slow moving, broad-chested fellow himself, but the fire that starts to sprout out of the walls randomly.

You’ll now have to make sure that you’re avoiding the fire (at all costs! The last thing you need is additional constant damage from those flames) and also dodging those slow but potentially fatal blows from the armored guy.  

The dude has an ultimate move, during which he becomes invincible, so use the Amulet of Uroborus to stall him, and then unleash the meanest combo you’ve got.

There’s a good chance that all those harpies will also be hovering above you during this time. It’s clever to actually couple or dodges with lashes onto the harpies, but you should also concentrate on doing as much damage as possible to the armored guy.

Once you’ve finally managed to slay the hammer-wielding dude and those pesky harpies, you’ll hopefully get a handful of orbs. At that moment of time it definitely won’t seem like enough, but things could’ve been worse.

Round #3
It’s still not over, and there’s definitely no place where you could save your precious progress. Round 3 is probably the easiest on paper, but there’s a good chance you barely have any resources, in which case you’ll have to be extremely careful with how you deal with the upcoming baddies.

Do that Eyes of Truth and wheel turning ritual, and prepare to face yet another set of terrifying foes.

This time there’s no narrow corridor, but there is an area surrounded by unwelcoming spikes, which means the place has just put a huge lid on your dodges. To make matters worse, you’ll be facing a single centaur up front.

Centaurs may not be the toughest things to kill in normal situations, but their large volume coupled with the surrounding spikes is going to make you feel a little claustrophobic.

It’s not like there isn’t room to dodge here, but you have to pay attention to your surroundings, and ensure that you don’t overstep. Play smart with the centaur, and wait for him to charge before unleashing your share of pain. If you happen to have some magic left, use it, and make sure you grab on to the QTE kill opportunity to replenish some resources.

Once the semi-horse is down, you’ll be greeted by a few wraiths. The great thing about these fellas is that they can’t kill you as long as you’re blocking. The only problem is that they throw the blades in a very speedy way, so you have to be quick to spot it. Don’t be tempted to lash out at them blindly, or those blades will catch their prey.

Be patient, and wait for the right time to grab them. A great time to do it is when they go underground. At that time, pull at them, and then beat the living crap out of the demons midair. Keep your guard up and repeat this process, and hopefully all the wraiths will fall.

If you’ve managed to get past this, then you deserve a mini celebration. Call in a bunch of strippers and some drunken friends for a party, or (more realistically) just take a drink and do the Harlem Shake.

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