God of War A Path to Jötunheim Walkthrough

This God of War A Path to Jötunheim Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about how to complete the 14th chapter of God of War in a step-by-step manner so that you can easily move past all the points causing you trouble.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibleshidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides especially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions. You can visit our site and check out all other guides related to God of War posted there.

God of War A Path to Jötunheim Walkthrough

The Jotnar Shrine will indicate to you that Tyr left a special key to a chamber that may allow you to get to Jötunheim using an alternate route. Mimir will tell you that a Dwarf will be a very good source of information for this.

Let us go ahead and see how to complete all of the objectives that you have to do in this chapter. This will allow you to move on towards the ending parts of the campaign.

Tyr’s Temple

You start off by Realm Traveling back to Midgard and showing the plans of the key to Brok. When you do that, you will be able to see the Huldra brothers reunite and place their heads together to craft the perfect chamber key. You will also be able to upgrade your Chaos Blades here.

Once you are done with all of the upgrades that you want to do, you have to move on and try to locate Tyr’s Mysterious Door.

Do that by going to the bridge and using the left staircase to get to the dock. Move past the vault door and continue to the next door on the curve where you can use the key that you have on you.

Tyr’s Secret Chamber

Upon entering the hidden chamber, climb the staircase and shoot a light arrow into the void in order to reveal a bridge and the tree roots of your very own world. After that, you need to follow Atreus as he goes down the walkway. Press square when prompted to open the door and reveal your next destination.

Now, you need to somehow locate the Hall of Tyr. Go right and use the light bridge to take a look at your eventual destination. After that, continue going on the curving corridor. Keep on moving and enter the door on your left that has a sunlit area with multiple statues and a sand bowl.

You need to flip the room. In order to do that, you need to go to the far wall and press square to not the rune etched on the wall. Then, tap circle to slowly flip the room.

Breaking the Chains

Soon you will discover that you are unable to flip the room all the way because there are a couple of chains that prevent that from happening.

Your next objective will be to break the chains somehow. Read the runes on the statue and have Atreus write that in the sand bowl to enter Tyr’s Secret Chamber’s lower level.

You will be at an overlook right about now. Turn around and go through the gate on the right. Toss the axe at the glowing gear in the center to freeze it.

Recall it when the second wheel circles around. Then, toss it at the at the second blade and recall it when the second and the first blade are aligned. Do this with all of the wheels to easily pass through here.

You will soon enter a room almost identical to the previous one. The main difference being that there is a wind trap in this room and you need to carry the winds as you solve the puzzle. Take the wind all the way to the inactive trap on the unmoving wheel to make it move again. Soon, you will be able to spring through the opening created by the wheel.

Now, you will be ready to break the first chain. You can first pick up a Nilfheim Language Cipher by looting the chest and then start tearing apart the chain. As soon as you do that, you will be attacked by a lot of enemies including a Draugr squad and a Fierce Ogre.

When you defeat them all, move to the next blade wheeled corridor and use your axe on the gearwheel to freeze the block and move past the puzzle.

You will find another passage that is almost exactly the same when you get to the next corridor. Use a shattered crystal on the red sap on the floor underneath the first block and detonate it to make the first block slide on the floor whenever it falls.

Get onto the block and jump across the other two blocks at the correct time to avoid death and get to the second chain.

Now, you can break the second chain and defeat the Hel-Traveler along with a Traveler Champion. Defeat them by guiding them to the flames and dodging their attacks.

Once you have defeated everyone and are done with the chain, go back to the temple and flip it (you will have to defeat some archers and a couple of Hel-Viken on your way there).

Flip the Temple

Once you flip the temple, you need to fire a Light Arrow into the crystal that has been dropped to reveal the floor symbols.

Toss the Leviathan once again to form the realm runes and then loot the coffins up ahead. In the end, climb the yellow wall to get to the Realm Travel Room.

In this room, you will be able to seize a mysterious object that is described by Mimir as a Unity stone. He says that it can be used to travel between realms by using a realm that exists between the realms.

That is all we have for our God of War A Path to Jötunheim Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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