God of War 4 Development Reaches Milestone, Can Be Played Start To Finish

The God of War 4 development in Sony Santa Monica has reached a very important milestone, according to Cory Barlog on his Twitter. From what he says, the game can finally be played from start to finish, meaning that the main stage of development is over. But is it close to being finished?

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While the fact that the game can be played from its beginning to its end, that doesn’t mean that the game is anywhere near close to being finished. There are bugs that need to be fixed, problems that need to be addressed, and normally even with the game completely playable a lot of its assets may not even be finished yet, meaning that the way things look can change at various points all throughout the God of War 4 development.

Even if there’s still a long way to go however, we can likely expect that God of War 4 will be showable at next year’s E3, if Sony Santa Monica is allowed to play it. Judging from the reception that it got at E3 2016, with many people heralding the return of Kratos and expressing interest in the new Norse setting, any other gameplay that we could receive will likely be highly appreciated.

We haven’t been getting very many details out of the God of War 4 development team, though a few have been released by Sony Santa Monica, including that Kratos’s son (if that is who he is) will act like an assist character, that the game will not be an escort mission, and a number of other tidbits of information.

In the meantime, until release, God of War fans that have been looking forward to a new God of War game will have to wait and see exactly how much information we end up getting for it. God of War 4 will be releasing sometime next year exclusively on the Playstation 4.

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