God of War 3 Remastered Announced for Japan, New Screenshots Released

Kratos, the God of War, is yet to make an appearance on PS4 via his own new game. However, Sony recently announced his arrival on the console in a remastered form. As you know, remasters are trending this generation, from Tomb Raider to Borderlands, remastereds have become and integral part.

So how can the God of War be left behind? He won’t be treated that way.

Sony recently announced God of War 3 remastered for PS4 in the west, but we knew the game will get a release in the Japanese market as well.

Now, Sony has formally announced in a new press-release that God of War 3 remastered will be released in Japan. The game will come-out on PS4 on July 16 according to Sony.

On the other hand, God of War 3 release is set for July 14 in the United States, while Europe and United Kingdom will get the game on July 15 and July 17 respectively.

The remastered version of God of War 3 will run in glorious 1080p, while frame-rate is targeted for 60 Fps.  Needless to say that Kratos will look better then ever while slicing through his enemies.

Moreover, all of the previously released costume DLC are pre-packed in the remastered version. Lasty, players will be happy to know that there is going to be a “Photo Mode”  as well. This will allow Kratos to capture that special moment when he’s standing over a pile of corpses.

Along with the announcement for Japan, Sony also shared a few screenshots from the game. You can check them out below.



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