God Eater 3 Perfect Guard Guide – How to Perfect Block

God Eater 3 is all about keeping your fighting skills in check and mastering in the abilities of your character. Offensives abilities of the character are marvelous and practicing them will help you level up a great deal in the game.

However, with the offensive abilities, your Defensive Skills are a big part of the game as well and just as important. You cannot play the game with mastering in one and leaving the other.

Dodging is an effective skill while playing the game but sometimes, between the fights; you have to block the attacks.

God Eater 3 Perfect Guard

A Perfect Guard is when you defend yourself by blocking the enemy’s attack at the same time he triggers it. To start practicing this attack you would first have to work on your blocking skill with the shield.

To use the shield, press R1 + O on your PS4 controller. This positions a shield in front of you to block the attack. However, this is not a Perfect Guard.

For a Perfect Guard, you would have to wait to deploy the shield until the enemy attacks you and then at the same exact time, taking your shield out and blocking that attack would be a perfect guard.

Now, how are you supposed to know when the enemy is about to pull out his attack? For this situation, the mastering is required.

You would have to practice this technique with all the enemies at a level that you would know exactly when that enemy is going to attack you.

You would need a very good sense of timing which will be acquired by applying this guard and practicing it until you can do it with your eyes closed (Just please do not do it with your eyes closed).

Performing the perfect guard will require a lot of skill and patience. It will only be possible if you practice this skill from the beginning, be patient, as it cannot be done in a try or two.

For testing it, you can play with the weak enemies. Do not give up and you will be good to go.

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