God Eater 3 First Aid Kit Location Guide – How to Heal Sho

Whether you are new to the series or an experienced veteran; to say that the opening stages of God Eater 3 will be extremely challenging is an understatement.

The early tasks that that game requires of the player can easily cause you to get lost and lose focus. One such task that you will encounter early on is to find a First Aid Kit for your fellow God Eater Sho and to heal him.

God Eater 3 First Aid Kit

This is much trickier than it sounds but luckily, we have prepared this handy God Eater 3 Guide to help you out if you find yourself stuck.

To start the mission, speak with your cellmates who will inform you that Sho needs a First Aid Kit. Now, your first instinct may be to search the surrounding area, as most games tend to place items there in the opening stages.

However, the trick is that there actually is no way of acquiring the First Aid Kit. This is more of a prompt for the player to begin exploring so just play through the story for a few missions.

Eventually, you will get to the point where an Ash Storm is heading towards you. You will then find Sho receiving proper medical treatment from the crew aboard your new home.

So there ultimately, there really was no need for you to find a First Aid Kit, but at least you got some exploration done and have reached the point in the game where the story really kicks in.

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