Glitch with The Division Blueprints May Lock You Out of Your Account

If you play The Division, you may want to be careful what blueprints you attempt to use when you want to craft a weapon. A serious bug has recently come to light when crafting certain High-End items; if you do them in a certain order, you’ll be locked out of your account in the game and be unable to connect to servers.

In The Division blueprints are used to craft new items in a variety of qualities. High-End blueprints, or Gold Tier, are the highest tier of blueprints, and give you the best gear.

Unfortunately, with The Division blueprints bugged like this, it might be better to hold off on any crafting until the issue has been fixed. This bug is widespread, and the megathread that has formed to address the bug is now over 250 pages long.

The Division blueprints bug first came to light when user Shen187 purchased and crafted two High-End items: a backpack, and kneepads. When those had been crafted, they realized that their items were gone, and that when they logged out and attempted to log back in, they couldn’t.

Buying and crafting High-End armor seems to be the main cause, so people may have to settle for either worse crafted gear or just using the best dropped loot they could fine.

Ubisoft is looking for a solution to the bug, but they do ask that people hold off on spamming them to do something about it on every possible channel.

“We’re doing what we can, and once we have information to share we will. Apologies for the inconvenience, I hope it gets sorted soon.”

Until the bug is resolved, the same public relations representative recommended that players that encounter the bug notify Ubisoft’s support team. With luck, this bug will get resolved fairly quickly, and will be put out along with the server maintenance that will give way to the 1.0.2 patch.