Ghostwire: Tokyo Lets You Scale Buildings, Including Tokyo Tower

While it may appear at first, Ghostwire: Tokyo does not feature a proper open world. The game however does feature open-world elements which extend to horizontal as well as vertical exploration possibilities.

According to a preview published in the latest Play magazine edition, players can use their magical abilities for traversal in Ghostwire: Tokyo but which will require a bit of work. Once players have progressed to a certain point in the skill tree, they will gain the ability to scale buildings. That includes being able to grapple the iconic Tokyo Tower to reach its top alongside other high-rise buildings in the city.

There are rewards and secrets hidden in every nook and cranny. Ghostwire: Tokyo hence encourages players to scale every building out there because there may just be a whole group of lost souls for them to absorb and level up.

The vertical exploration potential though will have to wait a bit. In addition to players having to progress in their skill trees, they must also open up the city by cleansing corrupted shrines to disperse the ominous fog. The point being that Ghostwire: Tokyo will reward players for their patience.

Elsewhere in the preview, the Glory kills of Doom were revealed to have taken a new form in Ghostwire: Tokyo, courtesy of combat director Shinichiro Hara who worked on the Glory kill mechanics back in the days.

When a spirit takes enough damage in Ghostwire: Tokyo, its core gets exposed to let players latch on with spiritual wires. The ending result being able to tear the spirit apart in a huge burst of energy. It becomes even more satisfying when there are multiple spirits ahead because with enough upgrades, players can tear apart multiple spirits at the same time.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to release on March 25, 2022. The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC. That console exclusivity though will be timed and Xbox Series consoles will eventually get their turn down the road.

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