Ghosts Of Tsushima Release Date Set for This August?

Ghosts of Tsushima is one among many other PlayStation 4 (possibly 5 as well) single-player story-driven exclusives. An official confirmation on the open-world samurai game is yet to be announced. A Swedish retailer by the name of Spelbutiken leaked what could be the Ghosts of Tsushima release date.

The leak says that the Ghosts of Tsushima release date is set for August 30th, 2019. That’s later this year which is a bit of a surprise due to how little we know about the game.

August 30th lands on a Friday, also being the last weekend of the said month. This just adds weight to the leak since most of these AAA titles release their games on a Friday. Look at Devil May Cry 5, which is releasing tomorrow.

Sucker Punch hasn’t made a new game since Infamous back in 2013, so this is a big step. Assuming the leak is true and we actually do see Ghosts of Tsushima this fall, that just continues the reign of PlayStation exclusives.

The details we know about the game’s dynamic open world just enhance the hype even further. The E3 footage alone was enough to convince most of us to get the game.

The option of progressing the game with whichever route you want also clicked right with those who’ve been longing for RPGs again. The game’s release date is also at an optimum time where the Samurai genre has surged in popularity. Especially with the impending release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice this month.

Somebody needs to call a plumber honestly. These leaks are getting out of hand now. We recently had artwork from the Last of Us 2 leak online as well. Then we got the Days Gone map was released prior to the actual game which is due to release in April.

Assuming this is another PlayStation 4 exclusive if it’s releasing this year, Ghosts of Tsushima might be the last PS4 major title before the PlayStation 5 rolls out inevitably.

Source: Spelbutiken

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