Ghost of Tsushima Exclusivity Taken Off Box Art, PC Port Coming Soon?

An eagle-eyed person online has discovered that recent reprintings of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima have had the “Only On Playstation” watermark removed from the boxes. This is sparking speculation that the game may be coming to PC at some point in the near future, though nothing is confirmed yet.

Ghost of Tsushima Box Art PC

Ghost of Tsushima came out in 2020 to critical acclaim as players took on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai who must challenge his notions of honor to take up the path of the ninja and protect his home island of Tsushima from invading Mongols.

The game won critical acclaim on the Playstation 4, so much like Horizon Zero Dawn might be the next of Sony’s smash hit games to be allowed to be ported to the PC. However, nothing has been announced about it yet, so who knows if it’s actually happening or not.

The other two games that have been ported to PC, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, also had their “Only On Playstation” watermarks removed from their box art around the time they were announced for PC, so if Ghost of Tsushima exclusivity is coming to an end, it’s following a trend.

Ghost of Tsushima would definitely benefit from a PC port. The game’s environments are absolutely beautiful, and the cinematography, reminiscent of old samurai movies, is also excellent, to the point where Sucker Punch was praised even by Japanese fans for how well they captured the country’s essence.

Of course, this could all be nothing and maybe Sony is just going to replace it with another logo, but many PC fans who have wanted to play the game but don’t want to shell out for a whole console would definitely appreciate Ghost of Tsushima exclusivity going away in favor of both the Playstation 4 and a PC port.

Either way, to truly find out the reason we’ll have to see if any announcement for a PC port of the game ever comes. Until then, you can still play the game exclusively on PS4 and add to its enormous popularity.