Ghost Recon Wildlands Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed In New Trailer

A new update is coming for Ghost Recon Wildlands and is one that you’ll love if you own an Xbox One X. As Microsoft announced the Ghost Recon Wildlands Xbox One X Enhancements will be available on the console along with the next update for the game.

While there are certain changes coming to the game, mostly regarding its PvP mode, the upscale of the game to 4K on Xbox On X are what we all are excited about. In the new trailer about the Ghost Recon Wildlands Xbox One X Enhancements, we can practically see side by side comparison of the game on HD and 4K as well as how its HDR option looks when playing.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is, without doubt, a beautiful graphically game, so getting it enhanced for Xbox One X was a good call on part of Ubisoft.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Xbox One X Enhancements:

  • Increased texture cache size to improve loading times by keeping recently used assets in memory.
  • Increased distance at which object and terrain details will start to appear.
  • Anisotropic filtering for better definition of terrain textures.
  • Increased resolution of the terrain textures.
  • Improved temporal antialiasing for less ghosting.
  • Increased tessellation factor of the ground.
  • New data set in high resolution for ground decals, i.e. more finesse in puddles, ruts, and footprints.

PC players who don’t yet own Ghost Recon Wildlands can now play a free trial version for five hours through Uplay, and keep all their progress if they decide to buy it afterward.

The Division has already received its enhancements for Microsoft’s new consoles even though it doesn’t support HDR, which makes us wonder if Rainbow Six Siege will be the next Tom Glancy’s game to get its own. Ubisoft has also released enhancement patches for a lot of their published games including For Honor, STEEP and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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