Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Missions Guide

Special Missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands essentially take you deeper into the game’s story and your war against the cartel in Bolivia. Your job is to reach El Sueno which is what this guide focuses on.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Missions

In our Wildlands Special Missions Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing all the special missions in the game and take down the cartel.

La Plaga

How to Unlock: Kill at Least Two of General Baro, Yuri y Polito, Carl Bookhart, or El Pozolero
Rewards: 350 XP, 7 Skill Points, 10,000 Medication, & La Plaga’s Hat

To complete this special mission, you need to clear La Plaga’s buchon house and eliminate La Plaga. There are some innocent people in the area make sure not to hit them. After heading down to the basement, you see La Plaga taking a tunnel to a north outpost where you do the deed.

I recommend starting at the west of the buchon house and proceed towards the south side. From there, shoot the window and head into the dining room. As soon as you arrive in the basement, equip the shotgun and flashbangs to storm the area. After clearing the area, follow La Plaga to the outpost.

I recommend staying at the tunnel exit to clear the area before finding him and finishing him once and for all.

El Muro

How to Unlock: Complete Carl Bookhart, El Pozolero, General Baro, Yuri y Polito, and La Plaga
Rewards: 350 XP, 10 Skill Points, & 15,000 Medication

Immediately after arriving at the location, you see the cartel at the northeast/southeast main entrances. I don’t really recommend a stealthy approach and you should aim for immediate extraction. El Muro is also quick to leave in an armored SUV/APC. Once you’ve collared him, you can head to the extraction zone on the south of San Mateo.

El Muro usually leaves from the northeast/southeast entrances. It’s paramount that you chase him down before he leaves the combat area. It’s very much possible for you to collar El Muro before he has a chance to escape. For this, I recommend approaching him from southeast/northwest infiltration points and rushing the control tower.

You can also try and soften up his vehicle in order to make the chase a tad easier. Furthermore, remember that both the vehicles he uses have bullet-proof windows. Besides, we want to man alive.

La Gringa

How to Unlock: Complete at Least Three of Madre Coca, Marcus Jensen, El Emisario, and El Wey
Rewards: 350 XP, 7 Skill Points, & 10,000 Food Parcels

La Gringa is inside a mansion which makes the infiltration a tad too difficult. Moreover, the situation at hand can quickly get out of control which is why you need devise a plan that involves a rapid extraction. The mansion basically has three entrances along the north wall i.e. near the basketball net, near the swimming pool, and windows on the ground floor.

Your job is to head to the basement so there’s no need to check the upper floor. Once in the basement, speak with the injured La Gringa and take her to a waiting vehicle to head to the Rebel Campsite in Caimanes Province.

In order to do this, I highly recommend parking a well-armored vehicle or a chopper to east road entrance and letting your squad defend it. Once done, dash to the basement and escape. If your initial vehicles, somehow, get destroyed; grab an SUV from the southwest corner of the area.

El Yayo

How to Unlock: Complete El Emisario, El Wey, Madre Coca, Marcus Jensen, and La Gringa
Rewards: 350 XP, 10 Skill Points, & 15,000 Food Parcels

You basically need to start at Espiritu Santo Charlie and head south through the jungle towards the buchon house. Once there, you need to get to El Yayo before the cartel members have a chance to put him down for good. To achieve this, you need to have a waiting vehicle.

It’s important to note that all the upper floor windows are barred. Try to remain hidden and take the south corner staircase to reach Yayo’s study. You can also do this using a parachute. Once there, clear the area starting from the enemies near El Yayo first.

For the second part of the mission, head to the targeted building and park at the southeast entrance. Alternatively, you can also drop in from a chopper and get the job done.

Ramon Feliz

How to Unlock: Complete at Least Two of La Santera, DJ Perico, El Chido, and Carzita
Rewards: 350 XP, 7 Skill Points, 10,000 Comms Tools

Ramon Feliz is on the upper floor in his home. Once you’re done with him, find a hard drive on the upper area as well. You can head into the home from any direction, check Ramon’s computer, and start chasing the thief as soon as possible. Due to this, it’s highly recommended that you bring a vehicle or two.

As for the person who stole Ramon’s drive can be found driving along the main road east of Nupucu in the nearby Flor de Oro province. It’s important to note that you need to collar the driver alive which is why it’s wise to start the interrogation away from the explosion’s radius.

El Cardenal

How to Unlock: Complete Influence Missions in all Provinces and Ramon Feliz
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 10 Skill Points, & 15,000 Comms Tools

To start, you need to head to a small shack on the southern outskirts of Uma Marca Town, near Malca Bravo. Once you’re there, head west towards the church. You need to try to head inside the church in the area and hack the broadcast. The laptop you seek is located on the southeast balcony. Prior to using the laptop, get rid of the guard.

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