Ghost Recon Wildlands Exotic Weapons Guide

This Ghost Recon Wildlands Exotic Weapons guide will take players through all the regions and bosses in the game in order to unlock every Exotic Weapon and fill out the player’s arsenal with cool guns that have special stats.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Exotic Weapons

Every weapon category has exotic weapons in it which are, for the most part, specially customized and unique looking versions of weapons that are in the game. Not only do these weapons look unique, but they handle different as well since they are pre-customized. That is also why players can’t add weapon modifications of their own choice to these weapons.

Exotic Assault Rifles

His and Her AK-47: these two assault rifles are rewarded to the players after completing the Itacua Province and defeating Yuri and Polito at the Hunting Lodge. Her AK-47 actually has drum magazine with a much larger ammo capacity than other AK-47 rifles in the game while His AK-47 has a long range scope

M4A1 Tactical: players get this after defeating Carl Bookhart inside the silver mine in Montuyoc province.

Ritmo: completing the DJ Perico main mission in Pucara will unlock this weapon for the player

Exotic LMGs

El Baston: killing Madre Coca in Tabacal province will unlock this light machine gun for the player.

Llamtivo: Interrogating Carzita at the end of P.N. De Agua Verde province’s main missions will unlock this weapon. Carzita’s mansion is heavily guarded so players will need to be extremely sneaky here and interrogate him once he goes out on the balcony.

Exotic SMGs

Experimento #42: extracting El Cerebro in Caimanes region unlocks this exotic submachine gun. Players will need to tail his assistant without getting spotted and then extract the target.

Residous: to unlock this, players will need to interrogate and then extract El Pozolero in San Mateo province where the target is hiding.

UY!: players will need to infiltrate the concert venue in Malca province, interrogate and then extract El Chido to Malca Bravo in order to unlock this

Exotic Sniper Rifles

Lanza Sagrada: players need to free and extract La Santera from Espiritu Santo region for this custom SVD

The Warhawk: to get this sniper, players will need to track down and kill Boston Reed at the Koani airport runway.

Exotic Handguns

La Noveno: unlocked by completing the El Gato main mission in Remanzo region

El General: unlocked through General Baro in Flor De Oro province

Lady Killer: this handgun is unlocked by interrogating and extracting Antonio from Mojocoyo region

The BFF: playrs will need to defeat El Emisario in Ocoro region for this pistol. Since the boss is surrounded by numerous enemies, players should be well prepared for all types of encounters.

Exotic Shotguns

El Cuentista: extracting El Wey from the Villa Verde region will unlock this exotic shotgun

El Obsequio: players will need to protect and extract El Pulpo in Barvechos region for this custom SPAS

Silencio!: defeating the main and final boss of the game, El Sueno will unlock this shotgun.

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