Ghost Recon Wildlands Assault Rifles Guide

For most players in Ghost Recon Wildlands, Assault Rifles will be the main weapon in their loadout thanks to the versatility they offer. The perfect balance between range, rate of fire and damage makes them a great hybrid between snipers and SMGs, useful for all combat encounters. This Ghost Recon Wildlands Assault Rifles guide will list down all the benefits and drawbacks of the numerous Assault Rifles available in the game and help players choose the best one suited for all types of combat scenarios.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are some of the most customizable and versatile weapons in the game allowing players to deck out their weapon with various mods to suit the player’s playstyle. These customization offerings include CQ scopes, long range scopes, barrel mods, grips, laser sights and grenade launchers.

Below, the assault rifles available in the game will be categorized according to their strengths alongside information for players on how to find these weapons.

Rate of Fire

These rifles favor rate of fire over damage while still making sure handling and range remains viable. Perhaps at the best weapon in this category is the SR3M which is useful in not only medium range encounters but can also be useful like a SMG in close quarters.

SR3M: this rifle is located in the P.N. de Agua Verde province

G2 Famas: this rifle has the highest rate of fire in the game and is located on the Saint Martin Mountain in Inca Camina, the farthest southwest region in the game

TAR-21: this rifle offers amazing handling and can be found in Choza Padre village in the Montuyoc province

AK12: AK12 is an all-rounder and deals decent damage, has a high enough rate of fire and handles well. It is located in Tabacal


These guns are useful because of their noise reduction value which means with a suppressor on, it will be difficult for enemies to hear the sound of the weapon in close quarters. However, these weapons aren’t very good for dealing damage so players need to be precise with them and land headshots.

R5 RGP: highest damage in this class with a great noise reduction value after being equipped with a silencer. Can be found in Monte Puncu

P416: this is the starter assault rifle in the player’s loadout when they start the game. It is one of the quietest weapons in the game and is useful for precise headshots but not very great when players have to engage in open combat

805 Bren A2: with a silencer equipped, this is one of the best rifles thanks to high penetration which makes short work of armored enemies. It can be found in Villa Verde region


These guns are more along the lines of jack of all trades with somewhat lacking damage and noise reduction but decent penetration.

M4A1: can be picked up from the Armadillo Hunting Lodge in Flor De Oro region

AK47: it is located at a gas station in the south east of the map in Libertad region.

556xi: located in the Caimanes region near the river and does a decent job in all departments

ACR: this rifle is in the Media Luna region in La Loma village and is one of the best assault rifles in the game with a great balance in accuracy, handling, rate of fire and penetration


MK17: this is the highest damaging rifle in the game with a very good range and accuracy. It can be located in the Flor de Oro region inside some Unidad base.

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