Ghost Recon Frontline Gets Delayed A Few Days After Its Announcement

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline was officially announced just a week back but has already been delayed until further notice.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, publisher-and-developer Ubisoft stated that the closed test for Ghost Recon Frontline has been postponed in order to give the development team additional time to “create the best experience possible.”

Ghost Recon Frontline opened up registrations for a closed test and a chance at an early access on the day of its announcement. Ubisoft never confirmed a date for the first in a series of closed tests but following the delay, the new date and details have been promised to be shared as soon as possible.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was the last installment in the franchise and was a narrative sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game received a lot of criticism for its lackluster gameplay mechanics, faulty mission designs, and a ton of bugs and glitches; leading to underwhelming sales.

Ubisoft was hence expected to raise the bar with Ghost Recon Frontline but its announcement as a battle royale game did not sit well with fans. The Expedition mode for example drops teams of three players to scavenge and make their way to an extraction point. The announcement trailer itself teased teams of four players pitted against a hundred players across the island.

The battle royale takes have already swamped the marketplace. The Ghost Recon franchise has always been about tactical gameplay, something which Ubisoft has been straying away from in the past few installments. The developer had already asked players for their feedback last year and the immense disappointment stems from Ubisoft ignoring that very feedback of a deep single-player game in traditional Tom Clancy fashion.

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