Ghost Recon Breakpoint Unveils Its Full Roadmap For Year 1

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has not yet seen the light, but Ubisoft has just deployed all plans for its future. Once the game is release, Year 1 will begin, which will include numerous content.

Through a statement on the website, Ubisoft has stressed its willingness to “expand the experience” with “new challenges and content” post launch.

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, our aim is to keep expanding the experience with exciting new challenges and content after launch.

With the addition of adventures, raids, new classes, special events, and more, there will be plenty of new opportunities to enjoy Auroa throughout our first year of support and beyond.

Year 1 will contain three episodes – Episode 1, Operation Greenstone, will begin right at launch.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Project Titan is the first raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It will take us to a volcanic island where we must fight against lethal enemies. We can play it in teams of up to four people, and it will be completely free.

In addition, live events will introduce special guests that will help us face terrible threats. Each of these events will be available with each new episode and will last an entire month.

The first live event will be dedicated to Terminator. Of course, if you do not arrive on time and forget to play it, you can still live the arc of the story, but you will not receive the relevant rewards associated with the live event.

The first additional class will be the Engineer and will be accessible to all players, although those who have the Year 1 Pass will have the opportunity to unlock it instantly, without the need to spend your skill points.

Episode 2, which still has no official title, will be released in February 2020. Although the information is concise and points to developments in the form of new vehicles, weapons and customization options, Deep State will narrate a new story arc that will provide five additional hours of gameplay.

The first hour will be open and free to all players, but only those who have acquired the Year 1 Pass can complete the story in full, unless you play cooperatively with someone who has the pass (in that case, you will again not receive rewards).

The third episode will not arrive until September 2020. There are no details about the new story arc, but Ubisoft promises another five hours of play, a new faction and many secrets to discover.

The aforementioned pass which is included in both the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, although it can be purchased separately, gives access to the following:

  • All the content of Year 1 and its rewards.
  • Early access to the three new classes and immediate unlocking.
  • Siren Call missions will be available from day 1.
  • Special Operation Forces Pack, which includes 1400 Skell credits, as well as other items.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will go on sale for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on October 4.

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