Ghost Recon Breakpoint Shows New Trailer, Now Available In Its Gold And Ultimate Editions

Ubisoft has finally distributed the launch trailer of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, announcing the availability of the tactical shooter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early access through the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition. The commercial launch of the expected tactical shooter will be on October 4 on the above platforms mentioned.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the new installment of the action and tactical combat saga with an emphasis on Ubisoft military technology. Based on the military science fiction universe of Tom Clancy, this time we will meet a third-person action and infiltration adventure focused on the cooperative with up to four players, presenting a more futuristic and immersive approach than ever.

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint we will travel to the Auroa archipelago, a group of islands in which wild nature is mixed with the technological facilities of the Skell corporation. In this paradisiacal zone, the Wolves, a former unit of the United States army that has now fallen into rebellion and betrayal, has sabotaged all the factories and facilities and declared martial law among the inhabitants.

As members of the Ghost squad we must regain control, free the population and defeat the rebels. On this occasion Ubisoft has decided to give more weight to the argument, with many dialogue options that will change the development of the missions.

We can enjoy our adventures in Auroa, as mentioned above, cooperatively with up to four players or alone. Ghost Recon Breakpoint also offers the so-called accumulated progress, with improvements in weapons and skills that will remain in all game modes, both in the history-centric and player-to-player or raids mode.

With a structure in the open world and a series of playable improvements, the creative director Eric Couzian explains how the game will be planned for the user, who will have hundreds of hours and possibilities to extract as much playful juice as possible.

There are many stories in the game. You have the main story with Cole D. Walker, the main enemy played by Jon Bernthal. But you will also have many other parallel activities where you can meet many characters in the world. There are also factions that provide you with missions in which you have to deal with other aspects and even take into account the reputation you have with them, with ever-changing relationships.

There are many, many missions besides the main campaign. There are Behemoth arenas with drones in which you can earn rewards. You also have mysteries, hundreds of mysteries to discover, you have convoys that you can attack and steal resources. There are many things, hundreds of hours of play.

Ubisoft also recently deployed all plans for its future. Once the game is released, Year 1 will begin, which will include numerous content. Ubisoft has stressed its willingness to “expand the experience” with “new challenges and content” post launch.

I remind you that Ghost Recon Breakpoint will go on sale October 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Later, it will also be available on Google Stadia.

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