Ghost Recon Breakpoint Resource Farming Guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s massive open-world provides players with a number of opportunities to grind their way to the top. Side-quests, collectibles, and resource farming are one of the few methods of gearing your character up to the hilt in Breakpoint. Let’s talk about the different resources found within Ghost Recon Breakpoint so you can keep an eye out as you move through the wilderness.

Breakpoint Resource Farming

Before we head into the details of different items to be collected, there’s a quick and efficient method to farming better gear that involves annihilating a behemoth. Find a suitable behemoth close to your level and farm that.

The basic concept is that, you go to the behemoth, you kill it, log out, and log back in for it to respawn; in order to do this efficiently it is recommended that you follow these tips:

  • Unlock the fast travel point near the behemoth that you intend to kill.
  • Get Sensor Hack perk for extra ten percent damage to drones.
  • Get Rolling Thunder for another extra twenty percent damage to drones and extra twenty percent damage for sniper rifles.
  • Get Explosives Expert so you get a bigger AoE for explosives, with twenty percent increase in explosive damage and an increase of sixty percent in throw range. The bigger area of effect is for the EMPs we’ll be throwing.
  • Get double perk slot for 6 points, and then go into the stealth tree, so you can unlock Item Capacity and obtain EMP grenades.
  • Unlock Rocket Launcher through the skill tree.
  • Feel free to put points into anything extra you deem offensive and could aid you on your battle with a monstrous tank.

It should be noted that it doesn’t matter what difficulty you have the game on, the loot that drops will remain the same, so if you’re looking to farm faster, just go ahead and turn down the difficulty to the lowest. The difficulty will not affect the behemoth’s armor amount in any way either.

Fast travel near the behemoth, and call a helicopter. Fly to the behemoth, be cautious as to not get too close as the behemoth will shoot you down. Dropdown close, and engage the behemoth with a rocket launcher; which will stun it for a brief amount of time leaving it open for extra damage.

Once stunned, feel free to launch more rockets, and barraging it with EMPs and grenades. Use a sniper rifle to deal some extra damage. It will be easier if you have more players to do this. Once done, get your loot, log out and log back in and repeat the process.

Farming Resources

Items such as plants and food can be found while exploring different areas of the map. You’ll find plants in forests and food in complexes, more commonly found in canteens and houses.

Find drones scattered throughout the map, destroy them for electrical pieces which can be used to make grenades and mines. Alternatively, if you want some challenge, get detected by an Azrael drone and fight the waves of Wolves that attack you to farm their drones

If you have some spare gear lying around that you don’t intend to use or gear that is useless to your level. Simply dismantle it to get upgrade materials for your weapons. Kill enemies, loot their bodies. Find chests and open them. Both tasks, if repeated with a habit can be used to collect a considerable amount of Skell Credits which can be used for weapons, gear customization items, and more.

Purpose of Resource Farming

  • Collect your resources, and head to your Bivouac. Craft items of necessity for your campaign or side-quests. You can craft grenades, mines, rations, and syringes; that can be used to easily push yourself through what would otherwise be a harder mission.
  • Got low-level weapons? Upgrade them with the upgrade materials you gained from dismantling older useless items.
  • Too lazy to farm gear? Just spend some of your Skell Credits and purchase whatever gear you want; or customization items.

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