The Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Is As Big As Wildlands, Has Hours And Hours Of Content

Ubisoft says that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map is as big as the map for Wildlands, with hours and hours of content waiting for gamers.

Several days ago Ubisoft announced a new Ghost Recon game in the form of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. While it’s a sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft claims that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map is just as large as Wildlands’ was, boasting hours and hours of content for players to explore.

Breakpoint is led into by the “Operation Oracle” DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands, which introduces Breakpoint’s main antagonist, Cole D. Walker. Walker has gone rogue on the island of Auroa, an island nation placed on lockdown by the corporation Skell Technology.

Armed with state-of-the-art gear from Skell, and with a team of other elite soldiers known as the Wolves at his back, Walker is now hunting down the Ghosts sent to apprehend him and bring Skell to justice, placing players in greater danger than they were in in Wildlands. Now, it falls to the player to bring down Walker and Skell and accomplish the mission.

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint map apparently holds hours and hours of content inside it, much like Wildlands where there were a large number of different sidequests, checkpoints, outposts, and bases to complete and take over in the name of bringing down the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

We haven’t been told specifics of what we’ll be doing across the Breakpoint map, but Breakpoint itself apparently has a few differences from Wildlands. Including having things like Raids and loot-based gameplay, Ubisoft appears to be making it so players can truly appreciate the game’s sandbox nature.

Helping this sandbox along on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map will be more expansion packs, which will hopefully keep Breakpoint relevant for longer. With E3 coming up in a month, we’ll likely see what else Breakpoint involves at Ubisoft’s E3 conference this year.

Ghost Recon Breakepoint will be releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC (on the Epic Games Store) on October 9.

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