Ghost Recon Breakpoint Faction Missions Guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint handles its content a bit different from the previous games with the inclusion of seasonal content as well as faction missions. The factions missions you can take on are from the Homesteaders and the Outcasts, that are situated on Aurora. With this new feature to the system are the accompanying missions and the Battle Rewards System. In this guide, we try to explain as simply as possible the Faction Missions, Faction Support and how the seasons work in Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Faction Missions

Starting these faction missions is not that complex a task. Simply go into the menu and over to the Objectives Board tab where you would find a section on faction missions. They would show up on your map, once chosen, indicated by a green-dots. Keep in mind these are available at specific times and for specific hours. The tasks would be quite straightforward and mostly no enemies.

  • Red Chevy next to a task means you are not yet at the recommended level. So, don’t waste your time or put any effort in trying to complete these. You are not ready yet.
  • We would also recommend keeping the Guided Mode on. Otherwise good luck finding the location of the faction mission. They don’t show up with details of their location in the description. Thus, keep the Guided Mode on in case you decide to tackle one of these.

Faction Support

The Faction Missions in Breakpoint are split into two main categories: Faction Missions and Faction Support.

The main and only difference between these two is the nature of task you would be accomplishing. The Faction Missions tend to be aggressive in nature, such as striking Skell Tech and the Sentinels, while Faction Support generally includes helping the group find resources/supplies or info.

Going forward though, your objective(s) will vary depending on the Faction Mission that you have opted for. Once when this is completed there would be a reward and Battle Points. However, before you get too greedy, we must inform you that there is a daily limit og 400 Battle Points.

The Faction Mission system would earn you rewards and Battle points, as mentioned earlier. These Battle Points level up your Battle Rewards. Battle Points earned are dependent on the difficulty and type of the mission. Earning a certain number of Battle Points would level you up to the next tier in Battle Rewards as well as unlock an item, which is exclusive to the Battle Rewards. Any upgrade that you miss out on, by the end of the season, would be gone forever.

Although the next seasons might drop as early as in December the studio has stated that it would be adding new seasonal content every four months. Before anything else, this would be the first time any Ghost Recon series’ title would get a raid mode. This would include new stories, weapons, gear, equipment, special events, and game modes. The fresh new post-launch content is sure to keep you invested in Breakpoint.

Start the Faction Missions ASAP if you want to bag all the goodies that the season brings. The Battle Rank is reset at the beginning of each season. Keep that in mind when a new season drops, you will have to vie for a new one all over again.

Do not be shy to ask for help. Sometimes a Faction Mission can be too overwhelming. Invite another player or join an existing team as it becomes a walk in the park