Ghost Recon Breakpoint Drone Tips

The drone was a primary tool in the Wildlands and is also present in Breakpoint. The difference in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, however, is that you have to unlock it since the drone is not available from the get-go, this might frustrate some players. This is exactly why we have written this guide on how to unlock the drone and use it to its maximum potential.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Drone Tips

To bring a drone along to your operations in Ghost Recon breakpoint, you have to unlock it first. Let’s take a look at how you can unlock a drone and then we’ll discuss deploying and using it.

How to Unlock Drones

Drones, although a crucial part of military operations, are not available from the start in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You have to unlock it before you are able to use and deploy the drones in the game.

To unlock the Drones, you heed to complete Eagles Down main mission. To start this mission, you need to go to the Resistance Headquarter in Erewhon. Here, talk to the wounded member of Ghost Squad. In this mission, you get access to drones that you can use from now on..

In order to activate a drone, press UP on the D-pad.

  • Hold RT in order to ascend
  • Hold LT to descend
  • In order to move around use the Left Stick
  • Camera controls are with the right stick

To exit a drone, press the UP on D-pad.

Effective Strategies using a Drone

As you must be aware of by now, the purpose of a drone is to scout. When you aim the drone at an enemy operative it will determine their position. This would stay visible on the map until the target is taken down or you move away from them. Furthermore, objects such as equipment or intelligence data can also be scanned, a newer location or a camping spot. New locations would be marked by a ‘?’ sign.

Drone Skills

Various skills can be acquired for the drone which would provide different features and extra points such as:

  • Recon Mastery, this would reward you with extra experience upon scanning each enemy. Smaller contributions add to greater increase in the experience bar.
  • Drone Vision, equips you with the night vision mode or thermal vision. This can track enemies in areas such as vegetation.
  • Drone Mark Area, makes it easier to track an enemy as directly scanning an enemy is not required anymore.
  • Drone Cool Down, reduces recovery time after drone’s destruction by fifty percent.
  • Drone Range, Increases drone range.
  • Drone Speed, Increases drone movement speed.

However, there are also other useful abilities that you can unlock, and given how the skill points are limited, they should be equipped wisely. Perhaps, in the later parts of the game.

How to Perform Syncshot with Drones

Syncshots are smaller drones that you can unlock through the skill tree. These drones are not used for surveillance, but for taking out enemies. Syncshots are smaller drones that can mark targets. You can mark one enemy per drone.

Once you have marked your targets, you can then shot them down at any time. The drones, when activated, lock on the marked target and eliminate by exploding next to them.

This can be used by targeting an enemy in a group and this will allow you take out multiple enemies with a single Syncshot, whilst staying completely hidden.

With upgrades, you can hold a maximum of 12 Syncshot drones at a time. To refill your supply of Syncshot drones, you can purchase them at the store in Erewhon for 150 Credits each. These also drop from killed enemies, so make sure you keep an eye out of you use these. In dire needs, you can even craft them

Using the radar drone

If you want to be really good at playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, stealth needs to have the maximum priority.

In order to achieve this, you have to use your Radar drone liberally. This would help you scout out an area, instead of storming in headfirst and meting a wall of gunfire. Unlocked after completing the first mission, you can activate it by pressing the X key.

Look for the source of the red circles on your mini-map. Once someone is detected, depending upon whether it is an enemy or civilian the red dot would be wiped and replaced with the respective AI icon. Unmanned vehicles can also be scanned as well as the power generators that can be destroyed to disable certain drones.

Getting too close to the enemy would put him on a lookout for you. Thus, use the zoom function on the drone and maintain a safe distance from possible hostiles. That being said there are two points that you should keep in mind:

  • Since there are some blind spots in each environment, such as huts or bushes. You can hide there to maintain a healthy signal with your drone as you move forward. However, if you let it venture out farther than a certain distance, you may lose the drone for a short while.
  • While I do recommend using the drone liberally, be careful as to when it runs out of juice. Although they recharge quick, the drones have a bad battery life to say the least. They can last for a couple of minutes and if you are about to run out of battery, bring it back.

How to Fight Wolves’ Drones

The peskiest of enemies that you would face in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint are not the soldiers but the sneaky Wolves’ drones that call them on you. You need to be on the lookout for the Azraël drones and Helicopters. While you may hear the Helicopter approach and take cover, the drones are silent.

Although, you are prompted on the screen unless in conflict, you always need to mind your surroundings. Take evasive measures ASAP because otherwise, once spotted, the mini-map would become static and you would suddenly be attacked by hordes of Wolves’ soldiers.

Skill tree allows you to increase your Stealth Skill that makes it harder for enemies to detect you. This will help you stay hidden and get away with outmaneuvering drones in the long run. Otherwise, you can take other precautions to keep yourself from getting spotted.

Standing up you would be easy to spot. So, go prone and activate prone camo. Hiding in a hut or building would also prevent you from being spotted. However, you cannot always prone camo, such as in knee-high water, nor coat yourself in mud when laying on a road.

It is possible to stay under the radar by being close to cover and keep moving. Once when the path is clear, make a run for it. This might be playing it close to the chest, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Other measures such as Cloaking Spray, which makes you invisible for a certain time. That being said, it is only available if you have chosen the Panther class, and after completing the “Cover Up” mission. As a last note, we would highly recommend unlocking this item if you are trying to be stealthy in some particularly challenging in the future.

In case you are being pinned down by a helicopter, a messy solution is to shoot it down with a rocket launcher. This will alert the enemies, but at least you won’t be spotted and can then move around more easily once the heat dies down.

Same can be said for drones. Shoot them out, but this too will alert the guards and bring them around you. It best to take care of these before you get close to the enemy base to make sure you stay as safe as possible.