Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beginner’s Tips

Ghost Recon Breakpoint creates a mix of stealth and strategy to invigorate its players and allow them to devise their own ways of approaching the game’s objective. To make it easier, and to help you know the shortcuts of the game we have crafted these Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beginners Tips to walk you through the UI characteristics and acquaint you with some of the beginner tips and know-how.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beginners Tips

Ghost Recon Breakpoint features a great many options and attributes for the player to utilize which can sometimes get overwhelming but these Breakpoint Tips should ease things through.

Basic User interface

The user interface displays your ammunition count, a mini-map and the list of pinned objectives. To display the UI, press Tab on the keyboard.

You can pin up to three objectives on the objective menu. To pin an objective, select it and press space bar to get it pinned.

To activate your class skill, press Z. it will also start displaying the cooldown bar for your class skill.

Red sections on the health bar mean that you have sustained a minor injury that you can treat using Health Kits and Syringes.

The item wheel holds all your equipped items. In order to use them, press Alt on the keyboard to bring up the items wheel, then select the item you want to use and press G to use them.

Radar Drone

The Radar Drone is one of the essential tools in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You get the drone right in the beginning of the game. To be able to make use of it properly, keep in mind the following tips;

  • To activate the drone, press X on the keyboard. Then you can control it for surveillance.
  • The red portion on the mini-map that appears when you activate the drone indicates areas that need surveilling. Once you’ve spotted all the people there, the map will start showing icons for whether they are riflemen, snipers or civilians, and the red area will disappear.
  • Keep your drone at a safe height and make use of the zoom with the mouse scroll to avoid being spotted.
  • Use the drone from a safe distance while keeping yourself covered in bushes or a hideout. But remember that the drone has a limited distance that it can go.
  • Keep note of the drone’s battery. It can run out only in a few minutes. However, it charges pretty quickly when not in use.


Always keep an eye on your stamina bar, use items like water from your canteen. It has only three uses so be careful, and it can be refilled at any freshwater source.


These are fast travel points that unlock once you visit them. Be sure to head over to any trails of smoke coming from the island. They are most likely Bivouacs.


Helicopters provide the greatest speed and maneuverability; you can travel vast distances easily as well as drop-down onto enemy stronghold. Helicopters are scattered all around, including your base.

Weapons Attachments

You can equip a lot of different attachments to your guns. These include suppressors that reduce weapon noise, muzzles that reduce weapon recoil or magazines that increase reload speed etc. But each buff of an attachment comes at the cost of some negative effect as well, like a suppressor will reduce sound but also damage of any weapon its equipped on. There are 22 different options per weapon so choose wisely. To equip an attachment, go to the Gunsmith section of the inventory.

Best Early Class

Without a doubt, the best early class is the panther class, because it is all about stealth and stealth boosts. And since the game heavily focuses on stealth its perfect for the setting. And anyway, you won’t be very powerful in the start so a stealthy approach may be to your benefit.

The benefits of the panther class are, allowing you to throw smoke bombs to escape combat and have no reduced damage for weapons with suppressors equipped. You can change your character classes at will.

Weapon Combos

The best weapon combo early game and even later on is to combine assault rifles with sniper rifle loadout. Sniper Rifle lets you take out enemies from a distance and assault rifles are great for pinches and if you are spotted.

Some Basic Tips

The different types of vision that you can unlock are a game-changer. These include night vision and thermal vision. They can allow spotting enemies much easier even in the dark of night.

They can be used in the drone as well. So, it is advisable to unlock them as soon as possible.

Stealth plays a huge part in Ghost Recon and because of that stealthy use of a firearm is also very important as loud gunshots pose a risk of you being spotted. That is where silencers come to use. To toggle silencer on to your weapon, press F.

But the downside is, suppressor reduces the weapon’s damage. So, when you’re in a fight, be sure to take them off.

Distance does affect the projectile of your shots. So, if the enemy is far away, you’ll have to adjust your shot by aiming a bit higher.

You will hear a pulsing sound when you are about to be detected by an enemy or a drone. So, be sure to run into hiding when you hear it

Helicopters are the safest way to travel as you don’t have to worry about enemies swarming on the ground. You can find one outside of Erewhon in the main hub.

Syringes heal quicker than Health Kits. Keep a few at hand for when you’re in a tight spot and need quick health.

Hiding and making use of the scenery to do it is an important part of stealth. Move into bushes and behind walls to get visual cover. The indication that you’re hidden is that the screen will get dimmer.

To recover lost stamina due to sprinting, drink from the canteen. This will turn the red on the stamina bar to green indicating you’ve recovered. You can fill it at any clean water source such as a lake.

Manage your stamina when you’re outrunning enemies. If you’ve lost all stamina, you will easily stumble and fall to get caught.

Use a strategic approach when dealing with foes. When you take a fight, be sure that you can take them on and don’t be bold as to take on a whole patrol single-handedly. Simply know when to engage and when to get out. Thermal Vision is your friend in nighttime and thunderstorm situations, be sure to utilize it.

Use the Gunsmith to improve your weapon using upgrades that you have unlocked.

Stealth Tips

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint boasts a wide variety of enemies, each differing in difficulty as you progress through the game’s story. As it turns out, being silent and deadly is an effective methodology when it comes to winning over battles. You might find yourself often outnumbered, and outskilled, so if you don’t play your cards carefully, you’ll more than likely end up dead.

If you’ve opted for going for the Panther class, it’s one that fortunately excels in Stealth. So, to play as the Panther in Breakpoint, you’ve got to think like one as well.

With stealth, it’s important to select a path that keeps you out of sight from your enemy. Getting spotted causes enemies to call for reinforcements and to converge fire at you.

Chances are, with heavy artillery like that, there’s not much you can do and you’ll fall sooner or later. Unless of course you’re upgraded to the max and there’s not much you care about instead of dropping everyone you see with your absurdly overpowered weapons.

Don’t be heard! If you make too much noise, you’ll divert your enemy’s attention towards yourself which can ultimately compromise your position. This is why we recommend you take the appropriate stances as you move through areas with threats. Proning is obviously the quietest while running around is going to alert enemies of your position almost immediately.

Keep an eye out for your enemy’s alert level. Depending on how aware they are, they will have an easier time spotting you.

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