Ghost Recon Breakpoint Advanced Weapon Parts Guide

Weapon Parts are crafting materials in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that you can use to upgrade your weapons, depending on whether you have used standard or advanced parts.  These are basically blueprints you obtain by dismantling your inventory weapons via the gunsmith. This guide covers all you need to know regarding the different weapon parts and how to go about finding them.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Advanced Weapon Parts

As we talked about before in our weapons guides, there are a huge number of weapons you can acquire in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and upgrading those weapons requires parts. We have explained the whole system in detail below

Upgrading Weapons
The first thing you should do is get better Dismantle in your skill tree along with each of your mark upgrades so that you can get to Mark 3.

You acquire weapons as drops from enemies you kill then go to your inventory and select “Dismantle” to get weapon parts. Each weapon gives you different parts and you need to collect certain high tier weapons to get more advanced weapon parts.

These are identified based on colored bars and a lot of the higher tier ones require you to meet certain criteria so you can’t access them until later in the game.

Weapon Tiers

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare (gear score 40+)
  • Purple – Epic (gear score 75+)
  • Gold – Legendary (gear score 125+)

Go for weapons that are above Blue tier to get the really good stuff. You’ll get a lot of these much later into your gameplay and Signature weapons will require you to do certain missions.

It’s worth doing this since they are some of the most advanced weapons in the game and therefore the best source of advanced weapon parts in Ghost Recon.

Acquiring attachments
Once you have the blueprints, you can get the attachments in different ways. Some you’ll come across during your exploration of the map and by talking to NPCs with the exclamation mark above them. Certain attachments can only be purchased from Maria’s shop.

Just stick with the higher tier weapons to get more advanced attachments. You won’t find them easy but it’s worth it for the end reward.