Ghost of Tsushima The Warrior’s Code Walkthrough

The Warrior’s Code is one of the two main quests that are unlocked after completing the prologue to Ghost of Tsushima. The objective of Ghost of Tsushima The Warrior’s Code quest is to save Yuna’s brother Taka, who has been captured by Mongols and held in a prison camp near the Kaneda inlet.

Read this The Warriors Code guide for the complete walkthrough of this mission with locations, collectibles, and tips on how to clear the area.

Ghost of Tsushima The Warrior’s Code

To start this quest, go near the fishing village and meet with Yuna. This will trigger a cutscene.

Scout the Mongol Prison Camp
Follow Yuna to go towards an overlook from where you can survey the Mongol Prison Camp. Stand on the marker and press R2 when prompted by the game. This will take you into a survey mode from where you can identify points of interest in the camp.

Use your left analog stick and move it towards the semi-circles. Press X when prompted to survey the point of interest. After the third point of interest, you will find a gap in the front wall from where you will sneak into the camp at night.

Sneak into the Prison Camp
Now make your way towards the gate by following the waypoint. Press R2 when near the gap to trigger a cinematic. Jin will squeeze through the gate and enter stealth mode.

After the cutscene, approach the Mongol quietly and stab him to death. This will trigger a flashback of Jin with his uncle learning to hunt.

The game will take you back to when Jin was being taught the basics of tracking by his uncle, Lord Shimura. Press R2 on bear tracks to examine them.

Follow the trail of blood to find the wounded bear. Now get near the bear’s corpse and press R2 to examine and end the flashback.

Look for Yuna’s brother, Taka
Use Focused Hearing and move carefully to take out the Mongol in front of you and the one by the horse.

Now kill the enemy by the roasted boar and head left to kill the second enemy. Pick up the loot on the shelf inside the tent and kill the last Mongol sitting near the cell.

You can open the cell if you want but that is not Taka. Head towards the cage on top of the hill and go inside the tent. Pick up the artifact and loot found in the tent and take out the guards.

Open the cell and talk with the prisoner. Now follow the waypoint to leave the camp with Yuna and trigger another cutscene.

The Warrior’s Code quest will be completed after the cutscene ends and you can continue on to The Broken Blacksmith. You will be rewarded two abilities (Assassination and Focused Hearing), Major Legend Increase, 2 Technique Points, and a new Ghost Weapon called Kunai.

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