Ghost of Tsushima The Unbreakable Gosaku Walkthrough

In this Ghost of Tsushima The Unbreakable Gosaku walkthrough, we’ll take you on a journey across 6 different villages and give you all the tips and tactics you need to know to retrieve all 6 keys as well as Gosaku’s Armor to complete The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale. The guide will also help you rescue the hostages from all the locations.

Ghost of Tsushima The Unbreakable Gosaku

The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale could be told by none other than the quest giver of the game, Yamato. You’ll have to locate him before he starts narrating Gosaku’s legend to you.

It is known that Gosaku was just an ordinary farmer before he fell victim to the atrocities of Red Hand Bandits.

Soon enough, he discovered an ancient armor through the spirit of a samurai. It seemed like an ordinary armor but it was impenetrable and helped Gosaku defeat Red Hand Bandits single-handedly.

After his death, the armor was locked away to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, and this ancient armor awaited its new hero.

The Gosaku armor can now be unlocked using six different keys, in the possession of six different families.

This time around there are no Red Hand Bandits, but Mongols are making their way to get their hands on the armor and Jin needs to make it to the armor before they do.

Where to Get the Six Keys to Gosaku’s Armor

The six families are distributed across six different villages and farmsteads. You’ll have to visit each region in order to retrieve the key.

How difficult could it be to retrieve the key from a family? Well, the fact that Mongols are one step ahead of you and they are already present at the village or the farmstead that you plan to visit, makes the quest quite difficult.

Worst, they are well prepared and they have taken the locals as hostages. You’ll have to free the hostages to retrieve the key. If you’re not careful and a hostage dies because of your negligence, you’ll have to restart.

The hostages cannot be freed unless you have defeated all the enemies in the vicinity. The hostages will remind you that there are enemies around you.

Here are the six key locations:

  1. Iijima Farmstead (Toyotama)
  2. Koshimizu Farmstead (Toyotama)
  3. Yagata Farmstead (Izuhara)
  4. Kuta Farmstead (Izuhara)
  5. Aoi Village (Izuhara)
  6. Ohama Fishing Village (Izuhara)

Iijima Farmstead

This is a locality of “rooftops”. You’ll have plenty of chances of gaining a height advantage and taking down Mongols from long distances. Enemies will be in groups. Arrows could be your best ally in the given scenario.

There are four hostages in this farmstead. Freeing them will grant you the key.

Koshimizu Farmstead

Unlike Iijima Farmstead, enemies here are spaced out. But you have less high ground to work on, and the enemies are more powerful.

Carry out the assassination silently as you don’t want all of them on to you. Make good use of wind chimes and chain assassinations where the enemies are in groups.

You will have to free three hostages in this farmstead.

Yagata Farmstead

This is perhaps the easiest location as the enemies here are the easiest to take care of. You can even drop in the middle of them and still have sufficient time to pick on them one by one. use kunai and bombs if you are in a hurry.

Once you’ve freed all three of the hostages in this region, you will be rewarded with a key.

Kuta Farmstead

This won’t be an easy region as there aren’t many objects you can use to take cover. It will be an open fight between you and Mongols.

Try staying close to hostages and make use of smoke bombs if the enemies get too close, or you plan on sneaking on them from behind. Wearing Samurai Armor will protect you from the hound dogs.

Again, there are three hostages in the farmstead.

Aoi Village

Here you’ll come across Mongol Hawks. These are big birds trained to act as a living drone. They’ll screech when they see you, giving away your location.

Try to stay outside of their vision, and take them out using your bow whenever possible. Enemies won’t be that difficult to take out. You can use a black powder bomb or explosive arrow as per your liking.

There are three hostages here as well.

Ohama Fishing Village

Your biggest problem in the region would be the hound dogs. Try eliminating them from a distance, or you better have some final words prepared for your arm. The rest of the enemies will be a piece of cake.

You’ll have to rescue three hostages in this village.

Return to Akashima

Once you have retrieved all six keys you will have to make your way back to Akashima. Head to the marked area to the East of Old Togo Rice Fields to come across a white stone hill.

North of the hill you will have to fight Mongols again, and this will be one difficult battle as there would be all kinds of enemies.

You will have to keep changing your stance to deal with the diversity of antagonists. There will be a Captain and two Brutes, well equipped with a cannon.

Use ghost weapons to avoid unnecessary encounters and make good use of the open space to play defensive if you have to.

Where to find Gosaku’s Armor

Gosaku Armor

After defeating Mongols, head further north till you come across a door. The six keys that you have retrieved earlier will be used to open this door.

Once you are inside keep going till you come across a wall. Climb the wall with the help of your grappling hook. When you are up top you will find yourself on a path that spirals on the outside of the hill till the top.

On top of the hill is the chest that contains Gosaku’s Armor. And guess what? There is also a matching headband in the chest. Seems like Gosaku had a slight sense of fashion as well. Claiming Gosaku’s Armor will bring an end to the Mythic Tale.

This legendary armor will increase your health as well as boost your stagger damage.

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