Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers the Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa mission. Jin needs all the help he can get to rescue his uncle so he’s looking to recruit a renowned archer.

The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa mission will unlock the half-bow weapon that you can use for ranged combat. We’ve covered each objective step by step.

Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa

Follow the Innkeeper
In order to find the famous archer, you must head to the inn in Hiyoshi Springs. This area is can be found on the eastern side of the map.

Simply talk to the innkeeper and he will lead you to the base of a hill. Sensei Ishikawa’s Dojo can be found at the top and you can climb up the side of the hill via the rocks.

Investigate the Dojo
Once you’re at the stairs on top of the hill, you can collect the Aozora headband and equip it whenever you wish to. Now you must investigate the dojo for clues.

Head inside the dojo’s main room and you will find a bloodstain, some arrows, and footsteps. Examine these items and you will deduce that there was a struggle and the sensei had to leave the room.

Find Sensei Ishikawa
Follow the tracks about the dojo. They will lead you out of the main room and towards the left a bit more uphill. There you will find the samurai’s home and will finally meet Sensei Ishikawa

This will trigger a cutscene where Jin will ask the archer for help in rescuing his uncle but you will be tasked with helping him find a missing student first.

Go with Sensei Ishikawa to Track Tomoe
You will follow the archer out of the house on the trail of the missing student. Ishikawa will tell you that her name is Tomoe and that she can outshoot any samurai he knows. She does not belong to any clan.

You will then encounter a Mongol patrol and will have to team up with Ishikawa to take them down.

Investigate the Camp
You will come across a campsite that has been raided by the Mongols. You need to investigate it for clues that are marked by circles.

Examine the rice, quiver and blood. The duo deduces that Tomoe was captured by the Mongols and taken away to a nearby fort.

Unlock the Bow
Follow Ishikawa until you trigger a cutscene in which he will give you the half-bow. This part of the mission will serve as sort of a tutorial on how to use the bow to take out enemies.

Infiltrate The Fort
You will both be at a good lookout point to observe the fort and the archer will ask you to survey the area for anything that can help you gain a tactical advantage.

You will spot a couple of explosive barrels, a hornet’s nest and a campfire in the fort.

The way to use the bow and arrow is by holding and releasing R2 with your aim on your target. Be careful though since the enemies will also shoot back at you.

When they are near the hornet’s nest or explosive barrels then you have a chance to take out multiple targets with one shot.

You will then go down towards the fort and take down more enemies in close combat. Take out the archers in the lookout towers since they will prove troublesome.

Investigate Fort Nakayama
Once the enemies are dealt with, you need to find clues of the student’s whereabouts. Enter the two main buildings and you will find a scroll with archery terms and Tomoe’s outfit.

Step outside towards the bow and arrow targets near one of the fort’s entrances and you will find several of her arrows there.

You will both realize that she was willingly teaching the Mongols the ways of Sensei Ishikawa.

Head to the Survivor
Go to the fatally wounded survivor and he will inform you in his final moments that Tomeo was caged with the rest of the prisoners until the Mongols gave her a bow and armor. She murdered the other prisoners to prove her skill to the warriors and they recruited her.

After the prisoner dies, you should follow Sensei Ishikawa. He will express his regret for not killing her and feels he needs to deal with her himself. He will let you know that you can count on his help in rescuing your uncle and that you should find Lady Masako Adachi.

This will end the Tale of Sensei Ishikawa mission and you will have unlocked a new ranged weapon for use.