Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Ryuzo Walkthrough

The Tale of Ryuzo takes you deep into Mongol encampments and their hold. Ryuzo must feed his men who have their hopes in him. Ryuzo has taken help from Jin who has devised a plan to get the task done. Read our Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Ryuzo Guide to find out all you need to do to easily complete the quest.

Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Ryuzo

To steal food for Ryuzo’s men, you must raid the Fort of Ohira and kill all the Mongols to get their supplies. But first you must disable their alarms so they cannot signal for reinforcements.

You disable the alarms and raid the Fort to find out that things aren’t as expected. Now Jin and Ryuzo must improvise and devise another plan to recover from the failure.

Sadly, all efforts to feed Ryuzo are in vain. Find out how the quests turns out in The Tale of Ryuzo walkthrough below.

To begin, meet Ryuzo in Takuzudama Cemetery. He’ll be there with his men; talk with him and he’ll lead you to the TsuTsu Lighthouse. You must deactivate the alarm in the lighthouse before you can raid the Fort of Ohira.

Head inside, through the log inclined against the wall and drop down inside, carefully take out the guards in your way.

Do not risk exposing yourself as it’ll raise the alarm and end the mission immediately. Do not go out in open and sneak into the lighthouse.

Climb up the stairs, take out the guard sitting up there and get to the top. Deactivate the alarm and light the torch to signal Ryuzo.

Now you’ll raid the Fort of Ohira where you must kill all the Mongols so you can take their food. They aren’t much tough and you can take care of them easily.

Avoid the shielded enemies and kill the archers as soon as possible. Kill the ones fighting your allies to take easy kills.

Once you kill them all, meet Ryuzo near the fire and talk to him to find out that the food has been shipped off shore.

Now you must loot the supply ship. Head to the vantage point and survey the area to find out how you can get to the ship.

The plan is to distract the guards by blowing the explosives and make way to the row boat to get to the ships.

So, lead Ryuzo down the cliff and send signal at the marked point. Once the explosives have been set off, get to the boat on the dock.

At the ships, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies, many of them can be tough and put you off your feet be careful and preserve your health use ranged attacks wherever you can.

Search the ship once all enemies are killed and move on to the next via the plank. Search each ship until you find a document lying on the table.

Read it to find out that they are battle plans; they include supply routes as well.

Once you have it, a new objective marker will appear; going there, you’ll find that Ryuzo, half dead is being held by an enemy. Execute him and save Ryzuo before he loses all his health.

Once that’s done, you’ll find your food, but unfortunately, the Mongols won’t let you have it and they’re burning the ship. You must escape the flaming ship to fight another day and finish The Tale of Ryuzo mission.

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