Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Lady Masako Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Lady Masako is an Act 1 mission where you must find Lady Masako and tell her about the fate of her husband. As per Sensei Ishikawa’s instructions, your next target to recruit is Lady Masako Adachi.

As you play this mission, you’ll get an idea of who was behind the Adachi Clan massacre.

Ghost of Tsushima The Tale of Lady Masako

In this guide, we’ll walk you through every single objective in the Tale of Lady Masako so you can complete this mission with ease.

Search the Houses and Defeat the Assassins
At the start of this mission, you are spawned in front of the Adachi Estate which consists of two separate houses; the guest house and the main house.

Start off by entering the guest house (the one to the right). As you’re entering it, you’ll be ambushed by a trio of Assassins. After you kill all of them, search their bodies before entering the house.

After you finish searching the guest house, make your way to the main house and search through all the rooms.

Interact with the window opposite to the door and you’ll figure out that Lady Masako might have escaped on a horse. Remember to grab all the supplies there.

Search the Stables
Exit the house and enter the stables which are right outside. Examine the blood on the ground and then the horse tracks to complete this objective.

Follow the Footprints
Keep following the footprints you saw in the stables and they’ll lead you to a dead horse. Interacting with the horse will trigger a cutscene where you encounter Lady Masako.

Follow Lady Masako
After the cutscene ends, ride along with Lady Masako and she’ll take you to the site where she buried her family. Continue following her after this and she’ll take you to the Golden Temple.

Look for Sogen and Speak with the Armorer
Your objective now is to find Sogen inside the temple and tell him the fate of Clan Adachi, and you need to talk to the Armorer and retrieve an item from her. You can do these two objectives in any order.

As you enter, you’ll see a peasant to your right shouting your name. Talk to him and he’ll give you some gifts which you can retrieve at a gift altar to get a mask called the ‘Glowering Warrior’.

Sogen will be sweeping the temple deck to your left. Interact with him to trigger a cutscene where you tell him all about Lady Masako’s tale.

The armorer will be near the exit on the other side of the temple. She’ll give you the ‘Samurai Clan Armor’ which once belonged to the son of Lady Masako.

Talk to Lady Masako and Follow Her
Exit the temple and speak to Lady Masako once again. She’ll tell you that she believes Sogen is actually the one that is behind the massacres. Keep following her and listen to what she has to say.

Look for Sogen and Trail Him
Lady Masako will take you to the other side of the Golden Temple where you’ll spy on Sogen. You’ll find out that he’s suspiciously in a hurry to leave. Follow him.

You have to sneakily follow Sogen without being noticed. Keep a respectable distance from him but don’t get too far to the point where you lose sight of him. Remember to keep crouching.

Walk along the bushes and the rocks beside the road and hide in them if he turns around.

Go to the Left Side of the Inn’s Entrance
Get near the entrance to the Inn until you’re able to eavesdrop on Sogen. You’ll find out that Lady Masako’s suspicions were right. Prepare yourself for a fight.

Defeat the Bandits
There will be several bandits in this area. They seem to attack you one at a time so this fight should not be overly difficult. Plus, you have Lady Masako to help you out.

Confront Sogen
After you kill all of the bandits, it’s time to have a talk with Sogen. He’s on the upper floor of the Inn. In a fit of rage, Masako will kill Sogen before you have the chance to extract information from him.

Search the Inn
Walk into the room opposite to this one and examine the empty barrel of food and then the table opposite to it. You’ll find a list with a bunch of names on it.

Speak with Lady Masako
Take the list of names to outside to Lady Masako. After a quick cutscene, The Tale of Lady Masako mission will be completed. Lady Masako is now recruited to your team.