Ghost of Tsushima The Iron Hook Walkthrough

This Ghost of Tsushima Tale walkthrough will cover the main story mission The Iron Hook. As the title implies, this is the mission in which you acquire the grapple hook that you will use in the game to traverse across different areas. We will go over each objective step by step.

Ghost Of Tsushima The Iron Hook

You almost have everything you need to free Lord Shimura from Castle Kaneda. Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako, and Ryuzo’s Straw Hats are poised for the rescue mission. All you need is a tool to scale the castle walls, and Taka is hard at work on the task.

Find and Speak With Yuna in Komatsu Forge
Your first objective is to check on Yuna in the town of Komatsu Forge which is just next to the cemetery. She’s easy to find since she’s standing outside a hut just by the Northern gate. She will be offering reassurance to a peasant who is expressing his fears of the Mongols returning.

Speak with her and you will begin travelling with her. She will lead you to Taka who is at the forge.

Speak with Taka and unlock Grappling Hook
As soon as you arrive at the forge, you must speak with Taka who will then thank you for your patience and provide you with the Iron Hook or as he calls it; Kaginawa.

This tool will help you climb up walls and swing across gaps. It will play a key role in your success at the rescue mission.

He tells you to consider it a gift for your travels. However, this wholesome moment is immediately interrupted by cries of Jin’s name from outside.

Travel with Ryuzo
Step outside and you will see that the person calling out for Jin was Ryuzo. He will inform you that he needs your help to rescue some of his finest men who have been taken prisoner by the Mongols.

You will have to travel with the warrior to meet up with his remaining men and perform this rescue.

By the time you get to them however, Ryuzo will realize quite a few of them have abandoned the cause and left. This greatly upsets him but Jin reassures him that the men who remain will be enough to get this task done.

Travel to Fort Yatate with the Straw Hats
Ride with the warriors to Fort Yatate. They will look to you to come up with a plan. Jin informs them that the road into the fort is heavily guarded so storming in isn’t the best idea. Instead you need to sneak in undetected.

Ryuzo informs you that you can use the cliffside to get in the fort without being seen. Jin will climb up the wall to the fort with the help of the grappling hook, free the men and then raise the alarm to signal the rest of the warriors to ride in.

Move Along the Cliffside
Jin will separate himself from the group and head left towards the cliffside while they head right from the fork in the path.

When you reach the cliffs, you will spot a few branches that have pieces of rope hanging from them. These are where you will attach the grappling hook so that you can swing across the gaps as you make your way up.

In order to swing across the gap, you need to press R2 to use the grappling hook and jump. When you’re in mid-swing, wait until you’re at the highest point forward before jumping so that you can safely land on the other side.

You will also use the grappling hook to ascend up steep walls. Just keep climbing, swinging, jumping and even squeezing between gaps until you reach the top of the rock Cliffside overlooking the roofs of the fort.

Free the Straw Hat prisoners (6/6)
The men are being held in cages throughout the camp. There are 3 cages with 2 men in each. You can find the first couple of prisoners in the cages directly ahead from where you’re standing upon reaching the top of the Cliffside. The cages are right next to the watchtower ahead.

We recommend that you stick with stealth for now since taking on the entire fort singlehandedly isn’t the smartest decision. Verticality will help you out here.

Use the grappling hook to swing across poles as you move from rooftop to rooftop and then sneakily take out the guard watching the cages before opening the cages. Press R2 near the cage to open it, freeing the 2 prisoners.

Now these men will help you in combat as you slice your way through the enemies at the camp. You can increase your manpower by freeing the rest of the prisoners.

The next few can be found by heading right of that location and downwards. You will face a couple of guards that you must take out and then you will spot the cages right there.

Free the men and then head forward towards the gate while fighting off any enemies who happen to spot you and free more of the warriors.

Defeat the Mongols
Once all 6 warriors are freed, you’ll be locked in combat with the entire fort. Most of the time you’ll just fight regular samurai and your superior numbers will help you win.

However, you need to watch out for the large foes carrying axes. When they swing the axe at you, it’s vital that you dodge and get out of the way so that you don’t take a great deal of damage.

If you find yourself taking too much damage then pull away from the battle and leave your allies to take care of the fighting while you heal yourself.

You will find the Mongol leader in a tent in front of the gate. He will be surrounded by 4 enemies, including one of the big axe-wielding guys we mentioned earlier.

Take him out but be careful about getting hit by the axe in close proximity while you’re in the tent.

Signal Ryuzo and Defeat All Mongols
Once the fighting is done with, head back to the gate where the men are standing by and raise the alarm. Once the signal is sent to Ryuzo, open the inner gates of Fort Yatate and join the battle.

Head down with your men and start attacking the Mongols. You will have plenty of help from the combined force of the men you arrive to the fort with and the freed prisoners so the fight shouldn’t prove too difficult.

However, if you find yourself in trouble then just do what we suggested earlier; get away from the battle and heal while your allies take care of the enemies.

Once the battle is done, Ryuzo will thank you for saving his men and inform you that he is confused as to why the Mongols treated them so humanely. They were given not only food but GOOD food. Jin figures it was to get something in return.

This will wrap up the Iron Hook quest and reward you with both the grappling hook and a major Legend increase.