Ghost of Tsushima The Ghost of Yarikawa Walkthrough

This guide will help you get through the main story mission, Ghost of Yarikawa, in Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima. We’ll cover the entire mission, step by step.

Ghost of Tsushima The Ghost of Yarikawa

The Ghost of Yarikawa mission of Ghost of Tsushima is the third mission you need to complete to gain an alliance with the Yarikawa peasants. The mission is unlocked after completing the main story mission, The Coward of Yarikawa.

The mission starts with Jin, Taka and Yuna, along with the Yarikawa peasants, waiting for an upcoming Mongol assault on their stronghold. You are there to help Yarikawa survive.

As the mission starts, speak with Taka, who is by the blacksmith shop in Yarikawa stronghold.

Once you are done with Taka, head into Steward’s keep to talk to Yuna. Inside Steward’s keep, use the stair that is in the room to the left to climb the castle and find Yuna.

As you talk to Yuna, a cutscene is triggered and shows both Jin and Yuna taking things off their chests and both decide to drink Sake as they wait for the Mongol siege. You both fall asleep and wake up under the horns of war.

Awoken by alarms, head to the gates of Yarikawa stronghold along with Yuna. You must now try to keep Mongols from entering the stronghold.

Mongols have already breached the main gate and you need to push back their attack.

Most Mongols coming are Swordsmen, but few Shieldmen, Brutes and Spearmen will join the fray. You will have allies to aid you.

You should focus on Brutes and Spearmen first, as they will be the hardest for your allies to tackle. Otherwise, use the Stone Stance and quickly dispose of all Swordsmen to decrease the attacking force’s overall number.

As you close the main gate, Mongols break in through the northern gate and now you must push them back again.

This time you will also have to face Archers firing flaming arrows at you. Again, kill the archers first before any other class as they will deal heavy casualties to your allies.

The Mongols have now started using their catapults to throw giant fireballs on the stronghold. You have to go and disable them.

You can either follow the Samurai code and go in guns ablaze or swords ablaze in this case. On the other hand, this segment can be completed entirely by stealth.

As you get to the catapults, be ready to face the many Mongols protecting and using the catapults. Kill them and disable the siege weapons.

This triggers a cutscene showing that Mongols have broken into the Steward’s Keep and the stronghold is about to fall if you do not intervene.

Make your way back to the stronghold, again either leaving a blood bath in your path or sneak back to the stronghold.

You need to get to the keep, and you can again get there by using stealth or killing all the Mongols in your path as you do so.

As you reach the keep and open the gates, you come face to face with General Temuge, the spearhead of this siege. You now enter the boss battle of this mission and must kill General Temuge.

General Temuge Boss

General Temuge is a Shieldman but can also light his sword on fire in the battle.

This is a battle of patience, as Temuge is a skilled rival and you will die if you get even a bit reckless or too aggressive.

It goes without saying, use Water Stance as it is the most effective against Shields.

Now, General Temuge’s most attacks are fast and have 2-3 moves in a single combo.

The final of these is always unblockable. Your best bet is to either parry his attacks, and if you have a hard time parrying him, dodge all his attacks.

Learn his patterns and once he ends his combo, use the opening to attack him.

If you miss the opening, it’s still recommended that you hit a few heavy attacks using triangle to break his stance. This also gets you some extra damage.

As the battle progress, General Temuge will ignite his blade. Do not parry when his sword is burning and only dodge his attacks. This is because if he hits you, in addition to the damage from the sword, you also get fire damage and will make life harder for you.

For a tip, a skill allows you to gain resolve as you attack an enemy and on critical dodges. These can be used to replenish your resolve to use stronger and better moves in the fight.

Once you kill General Temuge, you unlock the Ghost Mode.

Since Mongols are afraid of you since you killed their General, you can now activate Ghost Mode by pressing both L3 and R3 at the same time. This makes all the Mongols freeze in fear, and you can one-hit-kill three enemies of any class.

Activate the Ghost mode, kill three Mongols and they will retreat in fear of the Ghost.

Follow them, and kill any Mongol you find on your way to the main gate. If you manage to kill seven Mongols without getting hit, your Ghost Meter is filled and you can again activate Ghost Mode.

This is one of the most empowering moments in the game and makes you feel like a total badass.

Once the Mongols are pushed back and the battle is won, Yarikawa agrees to help you take back Castle Shimura, concluding the Ghost of Yarikawa mission.

The reward for completing Ghost of Yarikawa include:

  • Ghost Mode Unlocked
  • Major Legend Increase
  • Sakai Clan Armor
  • Sakai Mask
  • Blowgun

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