How to Transfer Ghost of Tsushima Save to PS5

Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut is now out on the PS5! If you’ve played the PS4 version and don’t want to lose any of your progress when jumping into the PS5 version don’t worry, there’s a simple solution. In this guide, we’ll outline how you can easily transfer your PS4 saves of Ghost of Tsushima to the PS5 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut version.

How to Transfer Ghost of Tsushima Save to PS5

Transferring your old Ghost of Tsushima PS4 save onto the PS5 is actually pretty simple. To do so, you only need to download Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on your PS5 and select the option “Transfer PS4 Console Save” under the main menu tab.

This one step will allow you to transfer the save from PS4 to PS5. For the PS plus members, there is only one additional step that they need to perform. The developer said that they should download the game locally before they attempt to transfer.

This means that they have to transfer the save from the cloud to their console and then, transfer to the PS5 using the same option “Transfer PS4 Console Save”. This is all you need to do to move your Ghost of Tsushima saves from PS4 to PS5.

This method is quite simple, so players can easily implement it without any fuss. However, to avoid any possibility of saves not working or the process messing up, the devs have recommended that you make sure that you’ve updated the game to the latest patch. So, make sure your Ghost of Tsushima is patched with the latest version and then begin the transfer process.

Hopefully, we have provided enough details for the transfer of Ghost of Tsushima save to PlayStation 5, so you can have the best of experience. You can now pickup Jin’s journey where you left off and enjoy all the new content the director’s cut has to offer!.

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