Ghost of Tsushima Recreated in Dreams is a Thing of Beauty, Demo to Follow?

Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ user thrjoker594 has recreated Sucker Punch’s upcoming Ghost of Tsushima game and it’s absolutely worth looking at. The clip which you can watch below was shared by the official Twitter account of Sucker Punch Studios.

Another footage, which can be found on Reddit shows us the recreation of Ghost Of Tsushima sneak attack, which was part of the game’s trailer shown at E3 2018. In short, these reactions are beautiful and make us wonder what the community will be able to achieve in a year from now.

In case you don’t already know, Media Molecule’s Dreams is a video game, game engine and a game development kit published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game allows users to create their own games for others to play.

Apparently, soon, we will be able to play Ghost Of Tsushima demo in Dreams. Media Molecule’s Dreams is currently in early access and is scheduled to receive a new update soon which will arrive with more features,  templates, tutorials and more, so the players can continue to create games for other PS4 users.

Ghost of Tsushima, meanwhile is scheduled to release for Sony’s PlayStation 4. There’s no Ghost of Tsushima release date yet. According to a recent job listing, the game is currently in early stages of development. Sucker Punch Productions was recently spotted looking for a writer to work on its upcoming Samurai game. However, it’s possible that the new writer could possibly be for the game’s DLC. We can do nothing but speculate at the moment.

Sony Corporation and Sucker Punch have been tight-lipped about the game since its announcement at E3 2018. Although, the developer has confirmed that the team is working hard to make sure that the game proudly sits in the category of successful PlayStation exclusives along with titles like God of War and Marvel’s Spiderman.

As we reported last year, Creative director Nate Fox said that they “feel pressured to live up to the standards set by these other Sony PlayStation exclusives” but it’s good pressure.

Unfortunately, we are not going to hear about the game at E3 2019 since Sony is not attending the event this year. The latest we can expect to hear about the game is at PSX 2019.

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