Battles In Ghost Of Tsushima Will Be As Close To Reality As They Can Be

Sucket Punch has revealed some useful insight on the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer shown at Sony’s conference at E3 2018. One thing to extract from their post is that the game’s battles will be close to reality, with duels being portrayed as real Samurai battles have been through the history.

Samurai battles are the main key factor in Ghost of Tsushima. Apart from the beautiful scenery and the (presumably) robust story of the game, both basic fights and duels will carry a reality element with them, showing how real battles took place at the time the game is set in. Even though the game itself isn’t a historically accurate one, its battle system is reflecting the “way of the Samurai” perfectly.

Specifically, Sucker Punch revealed information about Assassination, a mechanic which you can use to your advantage while fighting. There will be a fear factor merged into assassinations causing all other enemies to be stunned, giving you an opening for some follow-up attacks. Think of it as the time you could see a person standing beside you falling dead, you’ll be stunned to for a bit.

In addition, Duels will also be a huge part of Ghost of Tsushima. The duel with Masako seen in the gameplay trailer has a unique battle system as opposed to normal combat and will reflect the way Samurai battles have been conducted during that era. Sucker Punch points out:

“People react to conflict in different ways. They have different motives. It’s a human-scale interaction that happens within this larger conflict. This is just one of many of these, and in this particular case Masako and Jin have motives that are at odds, forcing them to face off against each other.”

Ghost of Tsushima will launch on PlayStation 4 exclusively, with no stated release date yet. Stay tuned to SegmentNext for more news about the title. Until then. here’s everything we know about Ghost of Tsushima.

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