Ghost of Tsushima Legends Ronin Class Guide

Ghost of Tsushima’s new Legends co-op mode lets you chose one of the four classes. Each class allows your character to have a particular set of skills and abilities that might be well suited to a particular objective. In this guide, we will go over the Ronin Class in Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends mode.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Ronin Class

The Ronin class is all about stealth gameplay. It allows you to take out enemies in a single swift and silent blow.

So, if the missions require you to stay undetected, then the Ronin class is the right choice.

The Ronin class’s main ability is the Spirit Animal, which allows you to summon a Ghost dog that fights alongside you. You can even pet this dog too.

This class’s ultimate ability allows Ronin to revive fallen teammates for three resolves. Ronin comes pre-equipped with Kunai, and Smoke bombs allow him to stay undetected.

Ronin Class Skill Tree

In addition to the main ability, Spirit Animal, Ronin class, like any other class, also comes with a set of secondary abilities and skills. Below, we shall go through the skill tree in detail.

Breath of Izanami (Rank 1 Ultimate)
This ability allows Ronin to revive all his teammates. While this action is being done, Ronin needs to be protected so that he can focus on reviving the teammate.

Spirit Animal (Rank 1 Main Ability)
Using this ability allows Ronin to summon a spirit dog that, despite dealing little damage to enemies, can take them out of defensive stance, allowing Ronin to attack. You can also pet the dog.  The ghost stays for almost 65 seconds.

Healing Incense (Rank 10 Class Ability)
Ronin plays a supporting role in this ability. This ability allows him to place a small pot of Incense that effectively heals nearby allies for about 42 seconds and keeps the fight going. This is best suited when Ronin is himself being defensive.

Enhanced Ghost Weapons (Rank 2 Perk 1)
This perk effectively makes your ghost weapons do more damage, more specifically by 50%! Ghost weapons are extremely important for disrupting enemies and approaching them to attack.

Weakening Burst (Rank 7 Perk 1)
This perk is most effective against strong opponents like Oni and Brutes. This perk, when used with Resolve increase, increases damage by 25% and weakens the enemy’s attack damage by 25%

Ronin Unleashed (Rank 14 Perk 1)
This perk has a direct effect on the cooldown time of other Class abilities. This results in a 15% decrease in cooldown time, so the Spirit animal stays for 55.25 seconds, and the Incense will be effective for 35.7 seconds.

Staggering Imposition (Rank 3 Perk 2)
This perk increases the Stagger Damage by 15%, which will be very effective when combined with the Staggering abilities of other classes. This can then expose a lot of enemies quickly.

Quick Regen (Rank 16 Perk 2)
This ability is perfect the Ronin that can get in and out of fights quickly. It increases healing received and health regen by 50%. This is most favorable when used with healing Incense

Soothing Breath (Rank 5 Perk 3)
Soothing Breath basically makes the Ultimate Ability more effective. When used with Breath of Izanami, the teammates revived are much stronger. The perk lasts for 8 seconds.

Fire Breath (Rank 11 Perk 3)
This perk protects the revived teammates by starting a fire around them, making them almost untouchable but do remember that such allies are still exposed to some attacks therefore, it is good for making a quick escape only.

Legendary (Rank 18 Perk 3)
This allows Ronin Class players to equip an additional Legendary item. Such items are no doubt worth getting your hand onto in Ghost of Tsushima.