Ghost of Tsushima Heart of the Jito Walkthrough

Our Ghost of Tsushima Heart of the Jito Walkthrough lays out every step of your way in this mission so that you can save up your precious time trying to figure out a way to complete this mission and get straight to business.

This is one of the six Main Quests of Act 3 and requires you to sneak into Lord Shimura’s quarter and get a letter to him, asking for his help against Khotun Khan, without him or his guards noticing you.

This task is not as easy as it seems. That’s why we have our Heart of the Jito Walkthrough penned down below!

Ghost of Tsushima Heart of the Jito

Travel to Jogaku Temple and meet Yuna who will take you to the stables. You will now have to choose one of the three horses of different colors there to be your companion for this quest. After you’ve done that, name it from any of the three options you get.

Now that you’ve got a ride, your next objective is to enter the Castle Shimura from North. For that, head South until a cutscene is prompted.

After the cutscene, start climbing the cliff in front. To get to the other side of the waterfalls, use the grapple hook which will allow you to land on the rock ledge on the other side.

From there, continue with your climb until you’ve reached the castle walls. Use the crevice in the walls to squeeze through. Now, your objective is to sneak into Lord Shimura’s quarters.

Once in there, hide behind the barrels in front until the two guards with torches have passed. Then make your way to left. Proceed forward until you have crossed two bridges separated by a small distance.

Hide behind the barrels in front of the building to the left and wait for the two guards roaming to pass you. Once they’re gone, move to the ally between the two buildings and let another guard in your vicinity to move away.

Now, move ahead, being cautious of any guard around, and drop from the broken wall to the right. Keep moving ahead and take the higher ground to your left which will lead you to some encampments.

You will find that a cart that is going to be taken to Lord Shimura’s quarters is being inspected right ahead.

Once it is being examined by the guard, wait for your moment, and sneak into it.

Once the cart stops, you’ll hear Lord Shimura making a speech. Ignore him, move out, and head towards your left.

When you’ve passed through the pampas grass, you will find a ladder to your right which will allow you to enter the building through a broken window.

This building contains Lord Shimura’s quarters where you will have to leave the letter.

As soon as you enter the building, get to the upper portion using the ladder just towards your North-West.

Exit the building and get onto the ledge through the broken window to your right.

Take left while on the ledge and enter the building once again through the next broken window you can find.

Move inside, hide from the guards around, and then get to the ledge again using the broken window in front.

Use ladders on the ledges to get to the uppermost part of the building where there will be an outlook post with a guard in it.

Wait till the guard can’t see you and then, get inside the post and climb down the ladder in it.

There will be another ladder at that spot. Climb it down as well and you will find yourself in Lord Shimura’s room.

Leave the letter on the pillow and this will begin a cutscene that marks the completion of this mission. As a reward, you get some XP and the Eternal Blue Sky Story Quest is unlocked.

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