Ghost of Tsushima Ghosts From the Past Walkthrough

This Ghost of Tsushima guide has a detailed walkthrough for the Ghosts from the Past main quest. During it, you visit Jin’s family mansion and can get 3 unique equipment pieces – the armor and mask of the Sakai clan, as well as a blowgun which can poison opponents with special arrows.

Ghost of Tsushima Ghosts From the Past

Ghost of Tsushima Ghosts From the Past is one of the missions unlocked after completing A New Horizon story quest – shortly after reaching the Toyotama region.

To start the mission, all you need to do is get to the Omi village, and enter your house. The house seems to be deserted. You go in to look for your father’s armor, however, you find it missing.

As you ponder what happened to it, you are approached by an old woman Yuriko. Yuriko is the caretaker of the house, and as soon as she realizes its Jin, she greets and welcomes him.

Jin explains he is there for Clan Sakai armor. Yuriko informs him that she hid the armor to keep it safe from bandits and looters.

Yuriko takes you to the cemetery, where her helper Taichi was busy gathering resources. Yuriko and Taichi leave to collect the armor and you take this time to pay respect to your father’s grave. Stand in the marked spot and compose a haiku.

As with other haiku found in the game’s world, you can freely choose the next parts of the poem (look for interactive points). choose as you like because this won’t affect the end result.

Once you are done, head back and collect the armor. After a flashback, you come out wearing the new armor of Sakai Clan. The mask has no special properties, but the armor offers unique statistics:

  • Increased melee damage.
  • Increased health.
  • Increased standoff attack “counter” by 1.
  • A successful standoff attack can inflict Terror on the opponents and force them to flee.

It is an excellent armor primarily for clearing locations with opponents. Use the bonus to the number of standoff attacks to kill more enemies.

After that, you can inflict more damage and have more health points in the fight. Try to improve your armor on a regular basis by spending crafting materials at an armorer.

As soon as you come out, you are attacked by some goons. His gives you a chance to try out your new armor kill them and follow Yuriko.

During the journey to the lake side, you are Yuriko to help you make poison to use against Mongolians. Yuriko seems concerned that poison was not the Sakai way and seems unworthy.

However, she agrees to help you and you set of to get reeds to make a blowgun. These reeds are to be found at the Old Fisherman’s house on the other side of the lake.

On the way, you can liberate Kishibe village to get more experience of your new armor.

Once you get the reed to Yuriko, the next thing is Poison. Yuriko will again take you to where the flowers are found.

Collect flowers from 3 different plants from the area around the campfire to make poison. Once she makes the poison, you conveniently overhear some more Straw Hat goons looking for Yuriko.

This provides a chance for you to test out your new poisonous blow dart gun. Just shoot one of the goons killing him and the others will run away. You can kill all three if you can aim fast enough, but it’s not really that necessary.

Once the last of the goons are dispatched, speak to Yuriko and you are done with this mission.

Rewards for completing the Ghosts From the Past mission include Legend increased (xp) – greater bonus, Sakai Clan Armor, Sakai Mask, blowgun, The Proud Do Not Endure side quest unlocked.

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