Ghost of Tsushima Fate of Tsushima Walkthrough

Below is our guide for the main story mission: Fate of Tsushima. As this is a pretty big turning point in the game’s story we included all the help you could need and a fair warning. When you begin the Ghost of Tsushima Fate of Tsushima quest, you won’t be able to explore or do short quests for a while so just make sure you don’t have anything else you wanted to do in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Fate of Tsushima

To start the quest go back to Lord Shimura’s camp, it’s the same one where you started the previous mission A Reckoning in Blood from. Once in the camp, a brief cutscene will play with Lord Oga.

Now you have to make your way to Yuna, but you have the option to converse with four of your allies, Lady Masako, Sensei Ishikawa, Norio and Kenji before you can do that.

After another conversation, you can meet up with Lord Oga to leave for the meeting place.

The Meeting place with the uncle
You have to mount your horse and follow Lord Oga until you reach your destination aka the watchtower. Dismount and head on inside.

Lord Shimura will be inside, talking to him will trigger the siege on Shimura Castle and the Mongol occupiers.

Push through Mongol forces
You are not alone in this fight you have an army with you, pick your battles wisely. It’s actually better to attack unsuspecting foes from their backs as they fight your allies. This is an easy way to take care of enemy brutes.

You have to get across two locked gates, a cut scene with the battering ram plays when you reach them. There will be archers up on walls, you have to get up on those walls for reconnaissance.

So either use your own bow to take them out from afar, remember to fire from cover as they will be firing at you too, or you can use a ladder to the left side of the wall and face them in close combat.

Deal with the hwacha Launcher
Mongols are using hwacha launchers, and that is a threat that you have to take care off. They will also be targeting you and raining down barrages of arrows at you.

Just rush the tower where the operators are firing from and ignore all other enemies, leave your allies to deal with them. Quickly defeat the two hwacha operators to make it useless.

Now that the operators are out of the way you can use the device to help your allies fight.

Aim at the red barrels to cause explosions of death and destruction, you may even take out your allies, and fortunately, no one will point fingers.

Push for the bridge
Once the Mongols in the area have been dealt with, join Lord Shimura for the final push to the bridge.

The fighting here will be pretty intense because the Mongols will have been driven into a corner. Use your equipment to make fights easier, your bombs, kunai and different stances might help.

Your army must reach the gate separating this part of the castle from the bridge. The gate is closed, but your objective is to climb the ladder to reach the watchtower.

A cutscene plays after which you have to fire an arrow at a charging burning horse, unfortunately, that won’t stop it, and the Fate of Tsushima mission will end here with another cut-scene

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