Ghost of Tsushima A Reckoning in Blood Walkthrough

In this Ghost of Tsushima A Reckoning in Blood Walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the main story mission in Ghost of Tsushima by going through each objective step by step.

Ghost of Tsushima A Reckoning in Blood

At the start of A Reckoning in Blood, your first objective will be to Speak with Lord Shimura.

You will find Lord Shimura near the Old Totoyama hills at his camp.  Lord Shimura can be seen looking at the training camp from near the fence.

Finding Yuna
Now your next objective is to Find Yuna. Once your conversation with Lord Shimura is over, follow the objective marker to go talk with Taka and Yuna to complete your objective.

After that, you have to take your horse and get out of the Shimura’s War Camp and go to Fort Koyasan.

Survey Fort Koyasan
Now you will be given another objective, which is surveying Fort Koyasan. You have to survey that area to plan your strategy.

Use objective markers to reach the lookout point on a mountain for surveying the whole area. A cut scene will be played once you are done with surveying.

Enter Fort Koyasan
Now it’s time to enter the fort Koyasan. Here Taka will come to help you. Taka will create a distraction, and Mongols will follow him, use that time and go to the main gate of the fort.

Double-check for any Mongol in the area by using the focused hearing technique.

Now kill the guards at the and go to the left side. Now you will reach a small open building where you will see a Mongol by the wall.

The archers are patrolling from the above. You have to get rid of that Mongol without letting the archers know.

Now in Fort Koyasan, you have to move forward with the wall and get rid of the guards of the building close to the stable on the right side.

Don’t get seen and enter the stable and take out the guards there as well.

Now you have cleared one half of Fort Koyasan. Now you have to enter the other section of the fort. You can use any technique you like to enter that area.

You can use Hallucination darts or some other technique to take out the brutes to enter the next area.

Optionally, you can utilize the explosive barrel in the area for distraction purposes or to kill many of the guards at once.

After all the area is cleared, use stairs to reach the upper gate and open it. A cutscene will play where you’ll be captured.

Recover Gear
When the cutscene ends and you free yourself, it’s time to get your gear back. You can get your gear from a crate near the fence right in front of you. Go and collect it.

Defeat all the Straw Hats
There are a total of 9 Straw hats in that area. Now with your gear, it is not a difficult job to get rid of them.

You can use explosive barrels to kill them or simply Standoff them.

Using explosive barrels will take out the Straw hats in their range. It is the best way to take out multiple enemies at once.

Escape from the Inner Courtyard
When all the Straw hats have been defeated, you will be given another objective, which is escaping from the Courtyard. Simply go to the gate and escape from the Inner Courtyard. It is as simple as that.

From now on, you have to follow Yuna and a cutscene will be played.

After the cutscene, you will face an attack in which you have to take out all the enemies with Yuna.

You will encounter almost all types of enemies there. Utilize your stances depending on the type of enemy you’re looking to take down and you’ll eventually defeat them all.

Once you have defeated them all, just go with the waypoint marker and talk with Yuna. When you start taking, a cutscene will be played, and this mission will end.

After completing the “A Reckoning in Blood” mission of Ghost of Tsushima, you will be rewarded with a major legend increase.

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