Ghost Of Tsushima Crosses 5 Million Copies Sold On PS4

Ghost of Tsushima has proven to be another best-selling addition to the exclusive PlayStation library which should not be surprising at all.

Speaking with New York Times in a recent interview, chairman and chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida pointed out that first-party exclusive games (and franchises) were mostly responsible for the success PlayStation 4 enjoyed in the last console generation.

He revealed that Ghost of Tsushima has now sold more than 5 million copies since its release in July which presumably suggests a sales period of either three or four months. Sony had previously confirmed that more than 2.4 million copies were sold in the first three days of release alone, making the game the fastest selling first-party original debut on PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima alongside developer Sucker Punch Productions were particularly hailed in Japan where sales exceeded all projected expectations. Japanese retailers completely sold out all available physical copies of the game before the end of the launch week. Sony had to put out a request to purchase the game digitally while stocks were being replenished.

It goes without saying that Sony will be treating Ghost of Tsushima as a new first-party franchise with the advent of PlayStation 5. There are strong speculations that a next-generation sequel is already in the pipelines. Until an official announcement arrives, the best-selling original can be played on PS5 through backwards compatibility with the added advantages of near-instant loading speeds and up to 60 frames per second.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5. The game was incidentally the last first-party exclusive from Sony to conclude the last console generation. Why not have a sequel do the same for the current—next—console generation as well?

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