Sony Registers Ghost Of Ikishima Domain Ahead Of Potential Announcement

Ghost of Ikishima, a standalone expansion for Ghost of Tsushima, was strongly rumored last week to be in the works. Those rumors were apparently true.

Earlier today, it was discovered (via GamingRoute) that a new domain for Ghost of Ikishima was registered on the weekend and which currently redirects itself to the official PlayStation website.

While the identity of the owner remains hidden behind privacy measures, Sony Interactive Entertainment is believed to be the one behind the domain registration. This is because Sony has been rumored to be holding a PlayStation Experience-like digital event next month where a number of first-party PlayStation 5 games will be making an appearance. That includes gameplay footage of God of War: Ragnarok and from the looks of it, Ghost of Ikishima as well.

Ghost of Ikishima has been said to be a standalone expansion akin to Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, meaning that developer Sucker Punch Productions will be pushing the envelope once again to deliver a strong single-player narrative on par with Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Ikishima has so far been rumored to be releasing for PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5) around the 2021 holiday season. That should be confirmed once Sony officially announces the standalone expansion.

Take note that a few months back, a LinkedIn profile mentioned Sucker Punch Productions to be working on a new Ghost of Tsushima game. Fans immediately took it as a potential sequel. However, as things stand, that mention was most probably for Ghost of Ikishima.

That is however not saying that Sony will not be pursuing this franchise in the near future. Ghost of Tsushima debuted on PS4 last year to a stellar reception worldwide. The game sold more than 2.4 million copies in the first three days of release to become the fastest selling first-party original debut on PS4. The game ended up selling more than 5 million copies a quarter later.

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