Ghost Of A Tale Skappbeetle Locations Guide

This Ghost of a Tale Skappbeetle Locations Guide will help you find the locations for all of the ‘Skappbeetles’ in the game which are used primarily for communicating messages and information over long distances.

Ghost of a Tale Skappbeetle Locations

Skappbeetles are large insects which are found in nests riddled throughout the game. These nests are located in high places including at the top of the towers, roofs, and other high platforms.

These Skappbeetle nests are usually guarded by rats who will relay the messages onto the Skappbeetles and will signal their coming or going.

Below, you can find some locations for these Skappbeetles.

After observing that Skappbeetles have escaped, head down from Silas in the war room. Turn left and towards the battlements, to find the first Skapp.

Gallery Roof Beams
From the battlements mentioned above, jump onto the tiled roof and make your way through the door and along these wooden planks on the roof. Reaching the end of this walkway, you can find the Skappbeetle there.

Roof Above Rolo
Found on the roof directly above Rolo, the blacksmith of Dwindling Heights Keep. Use the wooden beam to push it and make a way to reach the roof. Find the Skapp.

Collapsed Roof
In the room with the collapsed roof within the fort of Rolo, push a wooden beam and direct it outside the window. Use a stool to climb up and onto this wooden plank. Ascend the wooden platforms and make your way back into the building.

As you head inside back in via a window, look to the left and make out a window which seems to be covered by bars. Use a stick or a bottle and throw it towards these bars on the window, it will allow a ladder to drop down. Climb up this ladder and through the window to find the Skappbeetle.

West Courtyard Door
Head across Rolo and through to the wooden door rightwards of the long set of steps. The Skapp will be located here.

East Courtyard Corridor
This courtyard is located across from the cells of two mice Gusto and Fatale. Ascend the long set of steps to find the Skapp moving about.

Stables of East Gate Portcullis
You can find this Skappbeetle directly next to the main east gate of Portcullis in the stables.

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