Ghost Of A Tale Roses Guide

This Ghost of a Tale Roses Guide will tell you all about the locations of all of the 17 different roses in the quest. We will first mention the general location of the roses and then tell you how to locate them in a step-by-step process.

Where to Find Ghost of a Tale Roses

As you will know, there are 17 different roses and not all of them are in the same location. You will need to find some of them in the Jail while others will be found in the courtyard, far tower, northern slope, and the shore.

We will first list down all of the roses in a particular location in this Ghost of a Tale Roses Guide so that you only have to visit a certain area once rather than have to navigate back and forth between them, so go ahead to find out where was it exactly that you missed a rose.

Flowers for Merra Roses

First of all, we will visit the Jail. After that, the Courtyard since it has the most roses. In the end, we will visit the other locations which have a few roses.

There are a total of two roses here. The first one is in Tilo’s cell on his bed while the other one is at the iron bars found towards the top of the stone rubble in the same location.

The first rose is on the well. After this, you can find one towards the top of the ruined tower near smithy and above the window near the broken cannon. There is also a rose on a window above the bookstand as is there one on the Carrot garden towards the northwest corner of the courtyard.

Apart from this, you can find a rose at the start of the stairs which go down to Gusto and Fatale’s cell, on the ramparts next to the door that goes to the Far Tower, right beside the door where you can find a ramparts guard patrolling and on the stairs near the door that connects the Far Tower to the ramparts.

Far Tower
A rose is at the top of the stairs which go to the ruins of the Clarion Tower. Another one can be found inside the tower itself, on a staircase (you need to discover the master before you can access this location).

Northern Slope
The only rose here is on the arches found at the beginning of the location.

A rose is found on the arches near the sea, arches near the barrel which allows you to save the game and on the wall of the chapel which has a humungous worm inside it.

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