Ghost Of A Tale Fatale’s Secret Guide

This Ghost of a Tale Fatale’s Secret Guide will acquaint you with various different items’ location when you are attempting the Fatale’s Secret quest. We will tell you about the items that you are going to find and where to look for them when playing through the quest.

Ghost of a Tale Fatale’s Secret

Fatale’s quest known as Fatale’s Secret has quite a lot of items for you to find. These items can be quite useful since they can work as potions among other things. Finding these items can be extremely difficult though since they are well hidden in different places, and that is where you would need Fatale’s Secret Guide.

Here are the items that you can find while you go through the quest:

Three Headed Acorn
This item can be found in the east side of the courtyard. To find it, first of all, head to the east side of the courtyard. If you are unsure which one is the east side, then the one has the massive portcullis. Once you are there, you need to find the acorn on the ground. It should be somewhere near the bottom of the stone steps that go to the fort.

Beetle Eggs
There are two beetle eggs. Both of them in the courtyard. Find the first batch of eggs near the cannon. Climb onto the cannon and then climb on to the roof near the top of it to find the eggs.

The second batch is in the watchtower. Climb the steps into the watchtower and go to the top using the staircase. You can find the eggs in a window next to the chest.

Crimson Mushrooms
There are three different places where the Crimson Mushrooms can be found. Find them in the courtyard, in the torture room of the sewers and the dead spider alcove.

The first one can be found by pushing the barrel next to Gusto and Fatale to take the secret tunnel. Take the first left to find the mushroom.

Next, go to the sewer Torture Room. Throw a stick or a bottle at the cage at the top to make it drop and get the mushroom inside it.

The last mushroom is in an alcove with the dead spider. It is in the same cavern that goes to the torture room. Burn the webs using a candle to get the mushroom.

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