Ghost Of A Tale Costumes Guide

This Ghost of a Tale Costumes Guide will tell you the locations of all of the costume sets found in the game. The general location will be mentioned along with specific instructions on where to go to find all of the parts of the armor set.

Ghost Of A Tale Costumes

The costumes work the same way as they do in many classic RPGs. The costumes are divided into various different parts and you have to find each of them individually. They can be close to one another or far apart, there is no way of knowing unless you check every nook and cranny of the world to find them.

Costumes Locations

Below are all the costumes and their locations in Ghost of a Tale

Minstrel Costume
It is the default costume you start the game with

The Guard Costume
Find the Chainmail Face Guard in a small storeroom near Rolo in the courtyard. Go up the steps and head into the small room to find it near the window. You can also find the Faulds behind Rolo.

The chest plate can be found in the barracks. If you head onto the courtyard, you can find the helmet by talking to Gusto and Fatale. Finally, the Greaves can be found in a chest in the armory.

The Pirate Costume
The Eyepatch is in the cell next to the Old Pirate Frog in the jail. You can find it on a skeleton.

The hat is in the same place, right on the skull. The Baldric can be found in the guard recreational room. Open the room with the lever and find it at the far end. The Boots are in the harbor in the master’s office and the Belt is in the ruins at the shore.

The Ranger Costume
The Boots are in the war room. Create a platform in the room with the collapsed roof and cross to the ladder to get into the room with the wooden beams. Knock it down by throwing something on it and create a ladder with it. Now use the ladder to find the chest with the boots.

Find the Tunic and the Mask in the torture chamber of the sewers. The hood can be found in the gallery of the courtyard, steal the gallery chest key from the guard and unlock the chest found in the middle of the gallery. Lastly, the Belt is in a chest near the shore. Look for the foundation of a small tower.

The Thief Costume
The hat is in the catacombs, on a ledge near some ruins. Both the Mask and the Belt can be found in the courtyard. The mask is in the keep which you can access through the stairs near Gusto and Fatale while the Belt is in the war room in a locked chest.

The keys are on top of the cabinet near the balcony stairs. To find the boots, move the barrel in the cell next to Gusto and Fatale to find a secret passage. Turn left and then find the chest with the boots.

The King Costume
The beard is given to you when Kerold asks you to dye his beard in the jail. The pantaloons are in the cupboard of the commander’s bedroom which you can access through his office.

Lastly, the stockings are in the catacombs on a skeletal remain. A gallworm guards the specific piece so if you see the gallworm, then chances are that the stockings are nearby.

Guild Armor
All the items are found in the Catacombs of Duinlan’s Lair. This is the reward for finding all of Duinlan and Hythe’s urns. Once you’ve collected all of the urns, speak to Duinlan’s ghost in the catacombs and she will open the tomb to reveal all of the pieces of the armor.

Plague Doctor Hat and Mask
To get the Hat of the Plague Doctor set, go to the sewer and look for Faustus Rott’s Lab, once inside it look for a big cupboard on the wall, to access it grab a stool and reach the cupboard and open it, inside it, you will find the hat. Mask can be found in the sewer. Get to the sewers and enter Faustus Rott’s Lab, talk to him and you will get the Mask.

Other Items
Clothespin can be found in Silas’ cot in the courtyard. You can also find the Pumpkin Hat in the courtyard if you look at the carrot patch.

If you head into the sewers, you can find a Candle Hat in Faustus Rott in the sewers, but it is a quest reward. [Keep in mind that the fumes from the candle hat drain stamina]

In the jail, you can find 3 Sackcloth Hoods. The first one is outside Tilo’s cell while the second one is in the recreation room (you need the cupboard key found near the table drawer). The last cloth is in the barrel room area inside of a chest.

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