“GET OVER HERE” For New Mortal Kombat 11 Info

Mortal Kombat 11 info was slipped off the tongue of Gamestop during a product listing update and was taken down shortly. Not before the leak itself was documented though, bless the internet.

Mortal Kombat is back and it’s more in shape than ever in this new and fantastic evolution of the iconic title. Now you can customize the variants of your fighters to the smallest details, acquiring an unprecedented control over the characters’ appearance. The new graphic engine renders to full detail every crushed skull and ripped heart, immersing you in the action of the most gory scenes.

Additionally, the new roster includes both new entries and the series’ Klassics, starring in fantastic cutscenes in the story mode of the epic saga that has been going for more than 25 years.

– New graphics engine, with more gory and bloody scenes than ever

– New customization system with never seen clothes, accessories and move sets

– New fatalities and a new “GoreTech” system to make the executions even more brutal

– Strong multiplayer component, completely eSports oriented: customization systems, daily news, ever changing rewards and improved matchmaking

Additional content:

The premium edition includes:

– Steelcase

– Kombat Pass : 6 characters and 6 Battlepass”

Now, this is a lot to take in. I’m gonna ask the first logical question though. Why wasn’t it called “Kustomization” instead of customization? Missed opportunity Netherrealm. You guys need more people on your team (call me).

But let’s see. The Kustomization option piques my interest a lot. That’s because I’m a sucker for aesthetics and personalization. And you can’t deny that there’s a community out there which favors looks over stats. You know who you are alright.

The roster is another major point of interest since everyone’s got their favorite Mortal Kombat characters. Now there was the word of this MK’s guest character being Spawn, which is something I’ve wanted for so long. In a lore-wise perspective, it also makes sense. Since he has the power capabilities of contending with the mightiest of the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. 6 of which were mentioned as Battle pass unlockables. DLC I’m guessing.

An emphasis on the new game engine was also made. With a “Goretech” system for fatalities. Sounds delicious honestly. Plus the new and improved visuals to make the blood and violence look all the more satisfying when you beat the virtual shit out of your best friend.

The story mode cutscenes were also referenced in the Mortal Kombat 11 info. Specifically, in regarding the legacy of MK that’s been ongoing for 25 years. Hopefully, the story is better than MKX, whose story mode had too many flaws to list. I’ve always preferred the arcade mode of fighting games over the story.

Platforms weren’t specifically mentioned but it’s generally assumed that it’ll be the same as last time. Both consoles and PC. Will there be a Mortal Kombat 11 Switch variant though? We’ll have to wait and see.

My own wishlist honestly just begs a return of the tag team system from Mortal Kombat 9. That’s something I really missed. The co-operation aspect of the Klassic game and the joy of climbing the hard arcade ladder with a buddy. Now all that’s left to do is await the Mortal Kombat 11 release date on April 23rd.

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