Double XP Coming for Call Of Duty: Ghosts and COD: Black Ops 2 Next Week

Activision has revealed that they will be offering double XP for Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, starting Monday. This double XP will stay on for five days, ending on October 31.

Double XP for both games will begin on Monday at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST and it will end on the same time next Friday.

If you are looking to get the next entry in the series ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’, then this is probably the last time you get to play the previous two entries.

Playing the two games will also make the wait easier for the upcoming title, which is going to release on 4th of November.

There is no questioning the popularity of Call of Duty series, as there are a lot of players who look forward to the game every year, and I am sure that a large number of players will be playing the game next week, as they wait for Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty: Ghosts couldn’t manage to impress a lot of players, which is why there are a lot of expectations from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, let’s hope that it doesn’t disappoint.

Some screenshots for the upcoming game also got leaked a couple days ago, revealing plenty of new information regarding game modes, match types, weapons.

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