Get $200 Credit for Xbox One S by Trading Your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One at GameStop

With Xbox One S closing in on release, GameStop is making it easier for current gen console owners to buy the system. The retailer is offering $200 credit for trading in your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 systems.

Select PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models can be used for trading.

Get $200 Credit for PlayStation 4 Systems

  • PS4 1TB Black Ops 3 Bundle
  • PS4 500GB Batman Steel Grey
  • PS4 500GB Black
  • PS4 500GB Darth Vader
  • PS4 500GB Destiny White
  • PS4 500GB Uncharted 4
  • PS4 500GB White

Get $200 Credit for Xbox One Systems

  • Xbox One 1TB Elite Controller
  • Xbox One 500GB Black 3.5mm Jack
  • Xbox One 500GB Black Elite Controller
  • Xbox One 500GB White (No Kinect)
  • Xbox One Black 1TB
  • Xbox One 500GB W/Original Controller
  • Xbox One COD 1TB
  • Xbox One Forza Blue 1TB
  • Xbox One Halo 5 1TB

You can also get $100 credit for select Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U Systems.

  • New 3DS W/Stylus
  • New 3DS XL W/Stylus
  • Wii U 32GB Black
  • Wii 32GB Deluxe Zelda
  • Wii U 8GB

You can trade for the following Xbox One S systems.

  • Xbox One S 500GB Halo
  • Xbox One S Madden NFL 17
  • Xbox One S 2TB
  • Xbox One S 2TB Gears of War 4

The offer is valid till July 30 which is today so hurry up and trade in your systems if you are interested in getting a Xbox One S.

The S model is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. The console will come with a built-in power supply so no more brick! Exclusive features include a new controller and HDR support. 4K media playable is also supported but it won’t be available out of the box.

You will need to download a day one update for 4K media playable.

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