Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Dilemma Guide

In this Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Dilemma guide, we’ll tell you how to start Yanxiao’s Dilemma and successfully complete it.

Yanxiao’s Dilemma is a daily commission that Genshin Impact players can complete to receive the related rewards, including Primogems, Mora, Adventure XP, Championship XP and upgrade material!

Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Dilemma

This commission will be available in Wangshu Inn. You can find this Inn in Bishui Plain Area. Head inside the Inn and go to the first floor.

Go to the back of the floor to find a kitchen and speak to Yanxiao to listen to his dilemma. He will ask you to get him two ingredients: Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head.

Jueyun Chilis

The Jueyun Chili can be farmed in Liyue as they grow there. Once you are in the Qingyun area, you will find these spicy plants in abundance; pick at least one.

You can also buy this ingredient Wanmin Restaurant located in Liyue. Once at the restaurant, pay 900 Mora and you will be given up to 5 Jueyun Chilis.

Lotus Head

Lotus Heads are small flowers that are found in small water ponds.  You can farm them wherever you find such small puddles of water.

Go directly west of the Sea of clouds teleport waypoint to Liyue, where you will find a pond filled with Lotus Head.

Another potentially Lotus Heads filled area is the Luhua Pool. Furthermore, these flowers can be found around the puddles in Liyue Harbor.

Meet Yanxiao

After collecting at least 1x of each ingredient, head back to Wangshu Inn to meet Yanxiao. Deliver the ingredients to him and wait for him to cook something which he will ask you to deliver to Jiangxue.

Take the dish and find Jiangxue, a fisherman located on a small island, northeast of Wangshy Inn.

Follow the daily commission marker, which will take you to him. Deliver the cooked meal to him and make your way back to meet Yanxiao again.

Upon meeting Yanxiao again, the commission will be rendered complete and you will receive your daily commission rewards.